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Learning Mode Essay

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In the traditional learning mode, it is more likely that students learn things all by themselves. After teachers analyse the knowledge points and ideas contained in the textbook, students need to revise it and understand it to a deeper level. However, as the mode improves, the modern learning type is more likely to be studying in a group, which means that several students gather together and form a small team to learn all the things. Such mode could also be referred to as collaboration. In this learning log, it will provide discussions based on the recent experience.

A significant step before work is the correct selection of team members. It is seen as the highest productivity if there ...view middle of the document...

It is more likely to be concentrated on quarrels rather than solving the issue (Amason& Ann, 1999). In our case, it is likely that the conflict is a combination of these two types, which has both task disagreement and emotional quarrels.

Another problem that occurred is that someone always dominate the discussion and the point is that the declaration and opinion are not that worth. It is appreciated if some useful concepts or ideas are given and shared among team members. However, if there is not much nutrition of the opinion, then it is better for others to speak something. When similar circumstances happen again, it will cause such a situation that someone declares his opinion, while others may not listen at all. The whole group is possible to be divided into smaller groups and some members discuss the task or even chat.

There are some common characteristics for successful teams. From the business perspective, the success depends on the performance or consequence of the task. Successful groups are regarded as better performed than those who failed. From another point of view, the success could also be evaluated through individual’s achievements. During the cooperation of the team, the team members’ ability and knowledge should be enhanced and expanded. The members’ discipline should be widely aware and to a higher degree, the team result may be helpful for all members to gain opportunities for better study or employment. There are some factors that could contribute to a team’s success. The first one is the support. It is...

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