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Learning Portrait Essay

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Learning Portrait

This is a portrait of my capability as a learner. How do I do it? How do I keep track of all of the information and knowledge that has come to me throughout my lifetime? How do I break it down and process it? How do I compensate in the areas where I am lacking? My purpose here is to evaluate the way I use and process information, to get a better picture of my ability to learn, and what I have learned, in school, at work and in life.
Information Gathering
To keep abreast of current events and topics of interest, the sources of information that I frequently use are television news, television newsmagazines, talk radio and local newspapers. From time to time, I ...view middle of the document...

To be an effective police officer, I've learned to become an astute observer. I need to know my direction of travel, what block I am on at all times, and the sector that I am patrolling. I observe what people are wearing, what they have in their hands, the way the look at the police and the way they walk to determine whether or not they are involved in or are about to become involved in illegal activity. I listen to what people say while observing their actions. It is not unusual when answers to routine questions contradict the actions of the complainants. When I walk into an apartment, or a room full of people that I am not familiar with, I rely greatly on my senses. I assess the key players, look for furtive movements, and evaluate the "feel" of the room. A weakness that I have in the area of observation is
when I feel comfortable in the surroundings that I am in, I tend
to become complacent and sometimes miss things that would ordinarily be apparent had I been alert.
Critical Analysis, Evaluation and Interpretation
When presented with an idea, problem or set of facts, I evaluate and interpret the situation presented to me in a logical, reasonable manner. For example, In a recent discussion with an adversary, she did most of the talking and I did the listening. I heard about the things that she'd done, what she planned to do as well as the things that she believed she was capable of doing. Certain "flags" came up during the conversation and I took this information and compared it to what I knew was possible and disregarded what I knew to be a falsity. I was able to determine lie from truth, and differentiate between fact and opinion. Those things that I concluded were invalid or misleading, I immediately dismissed. I accomplished this by consulting various sources, and relying on past information that was readily available to me. Using this form of critical thinking helped me determining the type of person she was and whether or not she was a threat to me.
Quantitative Reasoning & Representation of Numerical Data
Throughout my life, I have suffered from "math anxiety". I become anxious when a problem involves figuring mathematical relationships. This is an area in learning where I have always had to take time. I keep track of productivity and time by keeping an activity log at work and a journal at home. When I prepare an overtime report, my partner sums together the hours and minutes because I usually make a mistake. Computing ratios and statistics is difficult and the best way to overcome this is by remembering the formulas necessary to achieve the correct answer. In school, I hated word problems and when I help my children with their schoolwork, I assist them in almost all areas, except math. Once, in the military, I had to convert and implement degrees and "clicks" on a compass and relate it to my point in the woods. I was off by twenty degrees and got lost. I learned why I got lost and...

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