Learning Style Diagnostic Essay

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Learning Style Diagnostic


Everyone has a learning style (and a tendency toward a particular intelligence or so Gardiner and others would argue) and it is an interesting question whether the attributes and characteristics of that learning style would impact on the teaching style. A research question might offer the hypothesis that the preferred learning style will provide a reflection of a particular teaching style.


Complete the following test, which is not designed to provide an absolute diagnosis of your preferred learning style, but can be used to identify potential trends or patterns in the way that you might prefer to function as a learner. Score each ...view middle of the document...


I frequently sing, hum or whistle to myself

I am excellent at finding my way around even in unfamiliar surroundings

I am good at putting jigsaw puzzles together

I am always on the move

I excel at visual arts

I excel at sports

I tend to take notes during verbal discussions or lectures to review later

I am verbally articulate and enjoy participating in discussions or debates

I easily understand and follow directions on a map

I remember best by writing things down several times or drawing pictures and diagrams

I need to watch a speaker’s facial expressions and body language to fully understand what they mean

I frequently use musical jingles to learn things
I often talk to myself when alone

I would rather listen to music than view a piece of art work
I need to actively...

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