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Learning Team B Leadership Analysis

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Learning Team B Leadership Analysis

To become a leader in the 21st century requires the tenacity to embrace change. For example, how information is transmitted, and how resources are allocated requires visionary leaders who are equipped with a broad range of talents and temperaments. According to Clawson (2006), "the more organizations are built around teams; the more old measures of performance become outdated" (p. 241). Leadership in the 21st century requires the tenacity to embrace change, and have a broad range of talents and temperaments. According to Wren (1995), “the only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture, and the unique talents of ...view middle of the document...

Results were used in the “How Good am I at Building and Leading Teams,” “What’s my Leadership Style,” “What’s my Preferred Conflict Handling Style,” and “What’s my Preferred Form of Power” sections of the self-assessment. The small-group developmental model created by Bruce Tuckman was used to identify each team member’s behavior. The situational leadership model created by Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard was used to assess each team member task and people behavior.
How Good Am I at Building and Leading Teams
Based on the self-assessment scores from the Pearson-Prentice Hall Self-Assessment (Robbins, 2007), Brian’s behavior is at the norming stage in building and leading a team. The norming stage is in the third quartile, which is known as the supporting stage. According to Mulford (2004), members’ social cohesion is strong but may be used to detract from the task at hand. Resistance is overcome in the third stage in which ingroup feeling and cohesion develop, new standards evolve, and new roles are adopted. The team member is cooperative; willing to work together and establish procedures; has clarity of team assignment and goals; admire each team member’s differences; and should develop high regard for team performance.
Pedaiah, Danny, and Jameka are in the top quartile based on the self-assessment scores. All three team members are at the performing stage, which is in the top quartile. The performing stage is known as the delegating stage. Each team member focuses on results and performance. In this stage, interpersonal structure becomes the tool of task activities. Roles become flexible and functional, and group energy is channeled into the task. Structural issues have been resolved, and structure can become supportive of task performance (Wren, 1995). Team members remained energetic and enthusiastic about contributing; are independent and self-directed; have a positive attitude about team outcomes; and exchange words open and freely in discussions. The following chart and table reflect the information presented in the “How Good am I at Building and Leading Teams” section.


Team Member’s Leadership Behaviors and Practices
Based on Bass’ theory (1990a, 199b), task-oriented leadership expresses the degree to which a leader defines the roles of followers, focuses on goal achievement, and establishes well-defined patterns of communication. In the task-orientation pathway, Gratton, Voigt, & Erickson (2007), believed that a leader uses a strong and consistent task-oriented leadership style, as perceived by team members, during the entire life of the team or project. The leader can do this by creating a detailed project plan, building tight schedules for the work and emphasizing attainable performance goals. Task oriented leader places emphasis on the task at hand so he or she strives to remain accessible at all times and provides information that team members need to perform day-to-day work. Leaders...

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