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Learning To Love To Hurt Essay

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Learning To Love To Hurt

We get up each morning to navigate through another day, to navigate through life. What drives this action? What makes us want to be alive? For some of us, for me, it’s likely to be the hope that today someone special crosses our path. Love. A word we all know, but almost never fully understand. However, people can be driven by many other desires…ambition, the pursuit of knowledge, peace. Yet at their core these are also manifestations of love…a love of success, understanding, harmony. So the key to understanding life is quite possibly a deeper understanding of love and how to pursue it…

Just the other day, a bunch of my friends and myself decided we should ...view middle of the document...

And I still ended up crashing head-on into a wall…a wall of neglect, unappreciation, frustration and silence. Then came the onslaught of questions. Did I push too hard? Could it all have been avoided? What could I do to make things return to the way they were? Did I misread the signs? Whose fault was it really?

Throughout our lives, we will meet people that we build meaningful relationships with, but sometimes these bonds are severed for any of a number of reasons and the relationship crumbles. I've learned that everyone that comes into my life has a role to play, but when their bit is done they will move on and I need to be able to let them go, and what should be retained is the lessons and life experience they leave behind.

So, whatever the reason for that initial breath of fresh air, in my otherwise uneventful dating life, becoming laborious respiratory torture, I learned one very important thing… If someone doesn’t make an effort to be a part of my life, they don’t deserve to have me in theirs!

This got me thinking on a new wavelength. I know that someday I will find someone who makes me happy, someone I love who will love me in return. But a new question popped into my mind... How will I truly know when I've met this person? I knew one thing for sure, this person wouldn't make me feel the way the way the heart-hurters did, being with and around this person wouldn't hurt. That's when I realized something important... Experiencing hurt was an essential stepping stone...

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