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Learning To Ride A Bicycle Essay

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Learning to Ride a Bicycle

This happened twelve years ago at my Dad’s house. It was a bright, clear and cool day. My Dad had just bought me a new bicycle the day before for coming first in my class.
It was holidays and I was very happy about the new bicycle, I had disturbed my Dad a lot to buy me a bicycle because a lot of my friends had bicycles and some of them even rode theirs to school. This made me really jealous and so after my consistent plea, we (my Dad and I) made a deal that “if I come first in my class he would buy me a bicycle”. This made me work really hard that term and I came first.
It was time for me to ride my bicycle with the help of my dad. ...view middle of the document...

In my mind I said, “Jesus, how on earth would I be able to adhere to these instructions”. It was like a rock put on my head. They were too much, I could barely remember what he had said, and “don’t be scared “, why won’t I be scared when this is my first time”. I immediately became scared of riding the bicycle all my excitement had faded away. I then answered and said to him, “Yes Sir”. I felt I just needed to learn how to ride a bicycle so that my friends would recognize me as a big boy. I pretended not to be scared and began riding, so many times I fell but my Dad picked me up and told me to try it again. Soon I could ride without falling and the fear had gone. Seeing that, my Dad decide to go inside the house .As soon as he left I remembered everything he asked me not to do and I began doing them. I began riding fast, standing up while riding, looking back and removing my legs from the pedal while riding.
Before I knew it, I had fallen from the bicycle and I was crying. My Mum and Dad ran out to check what had happened to me. On seeing what had happened to me, my Dad picked me up and took me inside the house, dressed the injuries I had sustained and told me to go and rest. I was happy my Dad didn’t know I fell as a result of my disobedience, if not he would have beaten me and seized the bicycle.
At last, I learnt how to ride a bike without being scared. Though I was injured that day, it was as a result of my disobedience and I soon recovered from the injuries and pain.
That is how I learnt how to ride a bicycle.

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