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Left Brain Vs Right Brain Essay

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The Left Brain vs. The Right Brain: How does this Impact Learning
The brain is one of the vital components of the nervous system. It is also one of the most involved and extraordinary parts amongst a variety of organs in the human being. When it comes to body weight it only responsible for two to three percent, but when it comes to body energy it uses twenty through twenty- three percent (Sprenger 1999). When the mind tries to do too many things at once it may refuse to cooperate, because the brain is always seeking information. The brain is made up of two hemispheres which are the left and the right hemisphere. They talk through the corpus callosum, which is just a bulky group of ...view middle of the document...

Plus it tends to manage information more by instinct or at random. They also excel at understanding patterns and interpreting their importance in perspective of a longer depiction and moves more rapidly (Faith 2009). This side of the mind tends to be more influential in artistic behaviors, while the left side of the mind tends to be more influential in understandable or analytical actions.
The left and right hemisphere has different functions which mean the two hemispheres learn differently. Most right hemisphere people like working in groups while left hemisphere people like working alone (Zaidel & Iacoboni 2003). Right brain people like doing hands on projects rather than attending lectures. Many left brain people like lectures and visual aids. With the two hemispheres having different ways of learning schools and teachers should develop something to help improve both hemispheres (Sprenger 1999). This would be able to get the attention of the students by helping them understand. Majority of school’s failures prefer right brain learning, educators should introduce assignments in different ways with two hemispheres using both sides of the brain. This is the best way to retain information while studying.
In conclusion to studying the impact of learning when using the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere, I have...

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