Legal Issues In Hydraulic Fracking Essay

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Fracking or Hydraulic fracturing is defined as a method of maximizing output at natural gas and oil wells through breaking formations of rock. This technique is done under a fluid injection with a high pressure. Over the past two decades, there have been many legal issues attributed to hydraulic fracturing. Most of the legal issues have risen due to environmental debates that have rose due to the process. This is because in order to increase the output of gases in the wells, chemical toxins that are harmful to aquatic life and human beings are released to the environment. There are also many risks that arise during and after the process leading to issues of negligence. State regulations have ...view middle of the document...

There are many legal issues that have been raised in the Congressional Research Service report. Three issue of concern have been raised in the report. Dumping Toxic Wastes is the main issue that has been raised in the US congressional report. In particular, uncontrolled dumping of methane into waterways has created dead zones. These are considered as places where aquatic life and marine life cannot survive. The Gulf of Mexico is one of the places that have been considered as a dead zone. Although the area is too large, the size of Lake Ontario, there is no life that can be supported at the gulf due to increase of toxins. Secondly, methane release as a waste contaminator is also a major legal issue. This is because methane production leads to pollution of potential drinking water grounds. This has led to legal issues by the public. Management of fluid chemicals is also a legal issue that has been raised. Most of the fluid chemicals usually mix with drinking water thus exposing marine life to danger (Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, 2011).
In summation, many legal concerns have been raised on the issues concerning hydraulic fracturing. Although most of the issues concern the...

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