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Legal Murder Essay

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A vast majority of American citizens agree that committing murder is immorally wrong, yet some of the very same people believe that it is completely acceptable to kill an unborn baby. Denying a human the right to experience life or even take their first breath is truly inhumane and unacceptable in every possible aspect. Abortion is nothing short of legal murder. Each year over 1 million murders are committed legally. The butchered babies are thrown out like pieces of trash, while the murderers are in the doctors office relieved that they no longer carry the responsibility of motherhood. The relief a woman may feel after an abortion is only short lived. If she has a heart, sooner or later ...view middle of the document...

No mother should have the right to sacrifice her child’s life to make her own better. However, the child does have a right to live.
Another argument is that most of the babies that are aborted are unwanted babies, and if given the chance to live they would experience abuse and neglect. Some believe an abortion is saving a child from a hard life. When in fact, abortion is the most gruesome form of child abuse. An unborn fetus can feel pain at only 9 weeks. The abortion procedures are painful for the child and intentionally end in death. Women are never allowed to see the ultra sound during the abortion procedure because it shows the baby struggling with all the little life it has to survive. If the baby is not really living than how can it still feel pain? If a woman knows for certain that she is in no state to raise a child than she should think of a kinder and less painful thing to think about, such as adoption. Many couples are enable to have a baby and would do anything for the chance. If put up for adoption the...

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