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Daniel Scarpulla
Professor Weisel
Introduction To Legal Systems, Environment and Contracts
14 April 2015
Prohibition Part 2
What would you say if I told you a medicine that had been used for over 5,000 years, with no reported deaths, was illegal? The legalization of marijuana is a very controversial subject because it is considered a drug, but modern day research proves that it is no more harmful than alcohol. Colorado made marijuana fully legal in 2012, as long as the consumer is over 21 years old, and if the whole country followed Colorado’s lead we could benefit economically as a whole. The problem is that not every state is on board with the idea, and some states such as Oklahoma ...view middle of the document...

The dispensary workers could range from cashiers to people personally weighing the proper amount to sell to the customer. This could have potential to help combat unemployment, even if it is a minor percentage. Dispensary owners could obviously profit off of it if their stores are operated in the proper way. Another way the United States could profit from this is the possible institution of a marijuana-cultivating curriculum at colleges. This new curriculum could attract new students that would otherwise see no need for college. More students attending college means more money for private as well as state and city run colleges. Whether we as a country like it or not, millions of citizens use marijuana legally and illegally throughout the country, so why not take advantage of it?
Another benefit of legalization is the health benefit. Believe it or not marijuana can be used to treat such things as anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, and seizures. When people think of marijuana, most think of smoking it, which is not always the case. In the documentary “Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom” which aired on CNBC, I learned that some children who suffer from intense seizures take marijuana oil in order to live a normal life. The cannabinoids in the oil of “Charlotte’s Web”, which is a type of marijuana, seem to calm the seizures or even in some case stop them. The down side of this is that Colorado is the only place where this is legal. How would you feel if you’re child had a disease that took over their life but the medicine to treat it was illegal? This is the harsh reality that some mothers have to deal with. In order for their child to live a normal life, the whole family has to move to Colorado because that is the only place that allows the medicine. This is very unfair, but due to United States law it has to be done.
Like every great debate, there are also negatives when it comes to legalizing marijuana. Although modern day research shows that marijuana is no more harmful than alcohol, we should not promote the use of it to under age children. Adolescents’ brains are not fully developed therefore the use of marijuana at a young age could alter development. An example of this is a study that shows that people who started smoking marijuana excessively as teenagers lose an average of 8 IQ points between the ages of 13 and 38. Studies also show that out of these premature users, about 1 in 6, or 17 percent, will become addicted (National Institute). There is also a lack of research when it comes to the long-term affects to the lungs caused by marijuana smoke. Marijuana users could experience problems in breathing, heart rate, and even problems with child development in pregnancy. The national institute on drug abuse, NDIA, also claims that marijuana users experience lower life satisfaction, poorer mental and physical health, and more relationship problems.
Another negative is the complication that comes with having some states legalized and...

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