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Legalization Of Prostitution Will Decrease Sexually Transmitted Disease

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Legalization of Prostitution Will Decrease Sexually Transmitted Disease

I have this crazy and semi-objective view on the world's oldest profession and I doubt that many in this state would agree with me. I don't know why prostitution isn't legal, other than for some moral reason. It's something you can't get rid of so I think Prostitution should be legalized. I believe that if a male or female decides to sale her body in a sexual or erotic manner then that is their business. Granted, I do not find prostitution a noble profession, nor would I ever ever consider it, but I think it is a decision that should be made by the individual. Prostitution is legal in parts of Nevada. The prostitutes there are regularly tested for STD's.

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I think it is very dangerous that these women work at night and get into cars with strangers. I think it is also heightening the playground for serial killers an other sociopaths to take out their frustrations and urges on innocent women. Another problem I find with illegal prostitution is that Pimps protect their hookers from the law, and from other pimps. If there was no law against it, then pimps would not exist, nor would they control the actions and moneys of their "employees" with violence or any other coercion. Prostitution arrests is rampid and have been proven to cause long-term increases in crime and drug abuse in society.

What we need is a sensible solution to these problems like allowing specific places where prostitution and soliciting are designated and can be in a controlled and safer environment. The men and women can be tested on a regular basis for Std's and if needed could be required to take forms of birth control or practice safe sex. Security could be provided by the brothel operator to protect the employees. People who are interested in those activities go to the places where it is permitted leaving neighborhoods alone and free from the crime associated with street prostitution. Instead of being a drain on tax dollars, employees would have their income taxed, and the brothel would be taxed on their profit.

See, complex issue solved. Naturally America will never get over it's moral dilemmas and see the greater good in these cases, the down side is that if it ever was legalized some people would probably start a cult to destroy it like the Army of God tries to do away with Abortion clinics ... at least the spread of disease could be brought down. Oh well.

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