Legalization Of Same Sex Marriages Essay

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Why Same-Sex Marriages Shall Be Legalized
Paul Elander
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Susan Cochran

The amount of support that is currently being gained for the movement of same sex-marriages within the United States as well as throughout the world is stupendous. Not only do influential political figures agree but also the medical and psychological fields are beginning to “see the light” about homosexuality. The impact of denying same-sex marriages not only violates their civil liberties but also denies them the benefits in which they normally would be entitled with the same equality and fairness of their heterosexual counterparts. Americans pride themselves with the freedom, liberty and happiness to pursue their dreams and ambitions; the same can be said for those who are homosexuals, since they are Americans as well
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Firstly, advocates state that the right to marry is a basic civil right. By restricting access to marriage, means denying gay couples state and federal benefits such as joint tax claims, healthcare rights as well as social security benefits. Secondly, the issue of promiscuity among gay couples has been rebutted by advocates, arguing that marriage would allow them to establish stronger bonds and achieve legal and economic security (Issues, 2004). Leading associations within the medical and psychological field have also come to the conclusion that homosexuality is a normal part of an individual’s sexual expression and that homosexuals have the ability to form lasting, committed relationships that is inherently the same as that of their heterosexual counterparts (D’Augelli et al., 2007). In fact, a considerable number of gay couples have been in a committed relationship for a period of 10 years or more (Peplau & Spalding, 2000). Furthermore, children of gay couples grow up to become well-adjusted individuals, no less than children of heterosexual couples (Anderssen et al., 2002).
The United States has been widely acclaimed for its core belief in equality and fairness. It is then only just that each individual should be able to pursue happiness and express themselves without fear of discrimination. With considerable numbers supporting the legalization of same-sex marriage, it is only a matter of time that this issue will be laid to rest.


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