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Legalize Drugs Essay

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As described in the introduction paragraph of this editorial, “Legalize Drugs-All of Them” the author is a retired police officer whom favors legalization of all drugs. His subjectivity on the legalization of drugs is based on his life experience as an officer. His experience of daily handling situations created by drugs and drug use has molded his subjectivity on the legalization of drugs. He has been witness to many situations involving the subject at hand and has formed his opinion based on past experiences.
The author’s subjectivity has influenced the opinion he expresses in his nonfiction work by illustrating that he feels as if drugs being legalized will help eliminate ...view middle of the document...

The tone set in the paragraph demonstrates that he feels angry that we are treating our citizens as “less than human”. Other harsh words in the editorial such as “hostiles, enemies, fear, loathe, and demonize” help emphasize his point on the negative connotation associated with drug use. He feels that we are attacking the people who have fallen victim to the usage and selling of drugs, while legalizing and regulating drugs, in the author’s opinion, would eliminate all the negative effects. This type of tone demonstrates that he is tired of fighting the fight against drugs, where there are more violent and heinous crimes to focus attention on. (Stamper, 2005)
The author expresses his subjectivity through his writing also through his choice of argument and by what he does not say. The author expresses that the city would be “infinitely healthier place to live and raise a family” creating a happy thought for the reader to sell his opinion. He also expresses his subjectivity that when drugs are legalized, that being a cop would be a safer occupation, with greater job satisfaction, showing his desire to face less violence which he associates with the illegalization of drugs. What the author leaves out of the editorial are statistics or theories involving the negative side of legalizing drugs. This demonstrates his strong opinion and the one-sided argument he portrays. (Stamper, 2005)

Stamper, N. (2005, December 4). Opinion | Legalize drugs — all of them | Seattle Times Newspaper. Retrieved July 2, 2014, from
Paragraphs from Editorial
Legalize Drugs- All of Them
Author: Norm Stamper
In declaring a war on drugs, we've declared war on our fellow citizens. War requires "hostiles" — enemies we can demonize, fear and loathe. This unfortunate categorization of millions of our citizens justifies treating them as dope fiends, less than human. That grants political license to ban the exchange or purchase of clean needles or to withhold methadone from heroin addicts motivated to kick the addiction.
Combined with treatment, education and other public-health programs for drug abusers, regulated...

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