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Legalizing Same Sex Marriage Essay

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S. Cooper
Point/Counterpoint Paper

Legalizing Same Sex Marriage
Homosexuality has always been in society just not in the open like it is today. Recently in the 1980s did the gay rights movement start with many homosexuals coming out and not having a problem with it. One major concern dealing with gay rights is same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage by definition means legally or socially recognized marriage of two people of the same sex. The term same-sex marriage was actually used freely in during the Roman Empire until year 342 when it was banned illegal. As of right now, there are eleven states as of now that recognize domestic partnerships and ...view middle of the document...

According to an article in The New York Times, “…Civil marriages are a civil right…” Civil marriages and religious marriages are two separate institutions (The New York Times, 2008).
Most of us all know that most religions consider homosexuality a sin especially the ones in this country. Most of laws that this country has are based on the Bible. Tearing down those laws would be crucial to our society, socially and politically. In an article in Time Magazine, Brian Brown, the executive director of the National Organization of Marriage California said “Government did not create marriage, and neither politicians nor legislators have the right to redefine its basic meaning.
Marriage is not a private matter but a public matter. Marriage offers mutual support from each spouse, a financial union which will create economic prosperity, and a sexual union. This strong commitment also gives specialization that increases the talent pool (i.e. household chores). According to author Jonathan Rauch, marriage has three societal needs a good environment for children, helping people settle down, and make a happy home, and provide caregivers to the children that come from the marriage. People who are married tend to be healthier and happier than a single or cohabitated person (Rauch, 2004)
The other option that same-sex couples have that is cohabitation which is two people living together who aren’t married and it does not provide as many benefits as marriage does. Yes, it does provide a sexual union and maybe a cheaper rent but it does not provide the economic prosperity that marriage does nor the commitment that comes along with marriage. Also cohabitators don’t have that mutual support from their significant other like marriage does (Waite & Gallagher, 2000).
It has been agreed that homosexuality isn’t customary and looked down upon because it’s horrid and revolting. But that doesn’t mean we should not give them assured rights. If same-sex marriage is legalized homosexuals will have many life changing benefits. First off, they’ll have all the benefits that a normal marriage between a man and a woman has to offer such as, health insurance benefits, economic prosperity and being the caregivers of each other. Marriage gives love a direction which means it promises that love can lead to some higher place than what some people consider. Unmarried homosexuals really do believe that can achieve real love and real commitment. Homosexuals will also gain legal equality or social respect.
On the other side, many people don’t think that same-sex couples would remain committed to their spouse mainly because they are use to being very promiscuous especially gay males. With that note, marriage as an institution would be weakened. The divorce rate which is already high would be become even higher. So legalizing same-sex marriages would be completely pointless. Most homosexuals wouldn’t even get married because they...

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