Lego Surviving In The 21st Century Toy Market

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LEGO - Surviving In The 21st Century Toy Market

Background of the Company
LEGO was founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1934. The name LEGO was taken from two Danish words – LEG and GODT, which mean ‘play well’. Play is considered as an important element in the development of a child. Play stimulates imagination, encourages creative expression and facilitates the emergence of ideas. LEGO believes that ‘good play’ enriches a child’s life and its subsequent adulthood. LEGO Group has developed and marketed a wide range of products, all founded on the same basic philosophy of learning and developing through play.
Global Marketing Communications Plan
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The marketing communications message that will be sent to the target audience for the global marketing communication strategy is ‘learning and developing through play’. This message will include the different attributes of the LEGO brand namely creativity, innovation, fun, play, and imagination.
Target Audience
LEGO is primarily a toy for kids. As such the main target audience for the global marketing communication strategy are children from different parts of the world. Parents play an important part in the choices of children. Parents influence which toys to play and the manner of play children develops. Therefore, parents also constitute the target audience for the global marketing communication strategy. The importance of Adult LEGO fans to the success of LEGO cannot be discounted. The global marketing communication strategy will also have adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) as a target audience.
Tools to be Used
Advertising can be defined as any paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor (Berkman and Gilson, 1987). Advertising is used to fulfill one or more communications functions, namely informing, persuading, reminding, adding value, and assisting company efforts (Shimp 2003).
Advertorials are defined as lengthy entries in magazines and newspapers which attempts to combine article and ad, using the publication’s house style, and providing the reader with information or discussion which is more substantial and less single-minded than that in the majority of ads (Cook 1992). Through advertorials, LEGO can attract the attention of consumers, especially parents who read newspapers, magazines, and articles on the internet. According to Alysen et al (2003), it is commonly accepted that news stories have higher credibility with readers than advertisements. LEGO can make use of this advertising method to get its message across to consumers who value other people’s opinions.
Advertorials will provide opportunities for LEGO to connect with the consumers and to educate them. The Internet plays an important role in today’s communication. In addition to advertorials in traditional media, LEGO can also make use of the internet. Advertorials can be placed on internet sites that parents often visit as well as internet sites that attract children.
LEGO Posterscapes
In 2005, an advertising campaign for LEGO in the form of postercapes made a stir in Chile. The idea behind the postercapes is to bring LEGO to life. The posters for LEGO as shown below made chunks of the everyday environment appear as if they were constructed from LEGO. These posters made use of modern technology to make powerful, attention-grabbing environmental illusion. These posters continue to be circulated on the internet as something that attract attention and awaken creativity. The project, which was launched in Santiago Chile, was composed of two...

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