Lennie Comes Across As A Very Powerful And Very Weak Man, Show How The Author Makes You Aware Of This?

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Lennie comes across as a powerful man to us in this book, yet is this the full personality of Lennie Small? No, when doing research on this book, we find out Lennie is a man of anger and mostly weakness. The author makes sure we have a clear and precise account of Lennie and how he feels, how he is angered and how he is upset. The author describes this well and helps make it clear in the way he describes Lennie, and uses words and animals to portray him. The author makes us see Lennie in many ways such as different types of phrasing and sentences. In Lennie's normal everyday life, he finds that anger and weakness are necessary everyday feelings of ranch workers and people losing ...view middle of the document...

This makes us aware of how animal like Lennie really is.For a man who is mentally slow in the mind, Lennie shows a lot of determination for his life-long dream. This shows to me Lennie, not only is a strong, slow man, he is extremely human. An example of this would be when he went to see Crooks and wasn't welcomed, he found no reason why he should not be there: "Why ain't you wanted in there?" The author gives us a good understanding of Lennie's strength of mind towards the dream which was the only thing keeping Lennie out of trouble. It amazes me, to read that a man of such disability is able to centre his whole living experiences on rabbits, and to me his determination is the strongest and greatest part of him and the author makes us aware of this easily. The author shows us that Lennie is weak to many, many things, but George is always there to pull him away from his temptations, such as Curley's wife: "She's purty". Another outline of Lennie's weakness would be the puppy. No matter what happens to Lennie, the author always brings us back to one of the animals, no matter which one, the mouse, puppy and mostly the rabbits. Lennie does come across to me as a weak man when it comes to animals. Last important thing about Lennie's weakness and powerfulness is his worries and uncertainties. These often have effects on Lennie even when he tries his best not to let his worries become reality. "George, make 'um let me alone". This was one of his biggest fears: "Don't let 'um sock me George". A different worry of his would be George. His life- long friend and his only friend, yet everything George says, Lennie will always remember it. At the thought of losing George, Lennie, no doubt about it, loses his...

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