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More and more brands are familiar to most people such as Apple, S amsung or Lenovo. Compared with the other two brands, Lenovo is the only company which has a largest majority of customers in China. It was the youngest one among the three companies but the speed of Lenovo increased the fastest for one time in the world. The history of Lenovo is not very long but it has many lessons people can learn from it.Legend Holdings had a form or shape with only 25000 dollars in a house in China in 1984(Lenovo 2013). Its founder Liu Chuanzhi set up Legend Holdings with another eleven technique people. Now Lenovo developed its main research and development center in both the United States and China. The Think series products, personal computers, servers, work stations, laptops, phones and TVs are the main and famous products of Lenovo. The company is regarded as the world's biggest personal computer manufacturer and it ever increased the fastest among the four biggest manufactures in a time.As a business company, it also had some highlights and milestones. For example, Lenovo had been chosen as a constituent stock of the 2012 of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index(Lenovo 2013) and Lenovo also made big propose and contributions to the society such as Lenovo was connected with environmental leading ability in all of their business activities from working to product design and recycling solutions(Lenovo 2013).In 2004, Legend Holdings changed its name into Lenovo. In 2005, Lenovo purchased IBM and handled well with it as follows: since acquiring the IBMPersonal Computing Division in 2005, Lenovo has brought the Thinkpad to new heights, unveiled its first line of widescreen ThinkPad laptops in 2005 and the first dual-core ThinkPad laptop in 2006(Martin.L 2013).What mostly made Lenovo become successful like today are three crises they faced with and their basic management ideas and ways they used to solve problems or running the whole company, which called foundation. Their ways of management have two aspects, one is about the company, the other is about the customer service. Besides, of course, failures are always exist on the way to success.People should judge Lenovo from every aspect it did. It has appropriate business model and unites core ideas of the company. What lessons and knowledge people or other companies can learn from Lenovo are the key points.People always learn from experience and crises, so does Lenovo. The following three crises are the main business problems among the history of Lenovo. Meanwhile, the company took three corresponding changes to face the business. As a consequent of that, each crisis made Lenovo gain many achievements and improve itself continually. That is also one of the reasons why Lenovo becomes so powerful and successful today.The first crisisThe first crisis happened in 1994 the year which the company have founded for ten years. When Lenovo began to running well after one decade, the crisis came. Government...

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