Leslie Feinberg So Stone Butch Blues

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Leslie Feinberg so Stone Butch Blues

At first sight, Stone Butch Blues might appear to be a straightforward narrative fiction that follows the sexual tails of lesbian Jess Goldberg. However, this compelling novel is startlingly rich in theory in the sense that it foregrounds the interrelationship of class structures and gender constraints. Feinberg forces a debate about whether society’s strict gender categories are truly necessary or not. Haunted by herpes of being, beaten by her father, and raped by a high school football player, Jess leaves home in search of others like herself, By meeting other manly women in the factories, Jess continues to grown, and learns more about love from ...view middle of the document...

Jess identifies with the men she works alongside in the factories and warehouses for years, rather than with the middle-class feminists who exclude butch, and lesbians from their organizations. Jess becomes friends with members of other oppressed groups, including and not limiting drag queens and Black students in her high school. By calling attention to their amicable coexistence, I find that Feinberg is undoubtedly trying to interrogate the relationship between racism, sexism and revolutionary class consciousness. Like gender and sexuality, such a relationship is always political and organized into to so called systems of power. Where as some groups and individuals activities are rewarded and encouraged, while others may be punished and suppressed If being butch threatened to move lesbianism in the direction of being identified as male then being feminisms would threaten to move lesbianism in the direction of heterosexual classified .
Feinberg renders situations where Jess sees her identity as fixed and essential, whilst at the same time, she is engaged in the process of practicing acts and relationships which deny this possibility I argue that Jess has tapped onto these again so called systems of power, using her identity as a as a transgender girl in the social negotiation of the world, to give herself the courage to disagree with a man-made institution compulsory heterosexuality. I theorize that these systems of power can be further broken down into at least three subcategories: commodity lesbianism, erotic identity, and the notion of a homosexual body. These subcategories which have been thoroughly exploited by Jess in the novel overlap one another in a fluid and dynamic way.
Before I delve deeper into the subcategories of lesbians and Trans gender, let us first distinguish briefly between the butch and the femme. The butch is the lesbian woman who proudly displays the possession of the penis, while the femme takes on the role of woman (femme). The femme, however, foregrounds her masquerade by playing to a butch, another woman in a role. Feinberg explores this nature of power as to relations between the butch and the femme, and then examines the limited possibilities for resistance outside a supportive community. Even as Jess struggles alone to construct a self amid a social milieu dominated by alienation, fragmentation and loneliness, she discovers that resistance to oppression and the refashioning of a resisting self is a losing battle outside a resistance community. Freud, for example, regarded lesbians as immature, as they do not accept their lack of a penis and so pretend to be. Undoubtedly, heterosexuality has been both forcibly and subliminally imposed on women. Yet everywhere, women have resisted it, often at the cost of physical torture, imprisonment, psychosurgery, social ostracism, and extreme poverty Thus, there needs to be a continued and relentless unified resistance among Tran gendered subjects. Only by a shared and...

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