Lessen The Impact Of Divorce Essay

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Lessen the Impact of Divorce
Charlie is 9 years old and lives in a single parent home where the parent works to support the family, where not much time is spent with Charlie, who must figure certain things out on his own.  Where does Charlie go after school?  If no one is home having Charlie home alone is not a very good option.  If siblings or friends are there but, no adult is present during the after school hours, home is still not a very good option. 
The term “latch-key” kid is one who has their own key to their home and is expected to be home with minimal supervision.  Once a child reaches a certain responsible age, ...view middle of the document...

With 40 to 50% of first marriages ending in divorce, the statements from Lilienfeld and Arkowitz are difficult to fathom. At the University of Virginia, Psychologist E. Mavis Hetherington and graduate student Anne Mitchell Elmore found most adverse consequences from divorce affecting children including anxiety, anger, shock, and disbelief, occur initially post-divorce but, usually lessen or go away within this two year period as cited in Lilienfeld & Arkowitz (2013). And most children recover quite nicely after the two years of divorce, while a minimal number of children experience lifelong consequences.
In 2001, Pennsylvania State University sociologist Paul R. Amato performed a quantitative study regarding possible consequences affecting kids several years beyond post-divorce, as cited in Lilienfeld & Arkowitz (2013). Amato’s review contrasted kids whose parents were still joined in union versus kids of divorce of all ages studying the later throughout youth and adolescence, academic progress, emotional and conduct issues, interpersonal alliances, along with self-concept. Again, taking the mean average in totality, Amato found minimal variation contrasting kids of divorced parents versus kids whose parents were still joined in union, concluding that the overall majority of kids undergo divorce suitably.
However, unlike Amato, Hetherington, Mitchell, Lilienfeld, and Arkowitz, University of Wisconsin professor and researcher Hyun Sik Kim published a study in the American Sociological Review titled, “Consequences of Parental Divorce for Child Development” which makes the argument that the fallout on children is both phase and realm specific. Kim discovered setbacks among the children in the following areas, math test scores both in- and post-divorce, an adverse in-divorce outcome regarding inter-personal competencies and adverse combined consequences amid the in- and post-divorce date ranges, along with a clear in-divorce fallout regarding the embodiment of behavioral aspects (H.S. Kim 2011). As Kim points out, “For instance, math scores for children of divorce were on average, lower than the counterfactual scores these children would have attained had their parents remained married” (p. 12). In addition, as kids of divorced parents dealt with the new family dynamic, they tended to display negative outcomes regarding inter-personal competencies, when contrasted with kids of parents who were still joined in union. Throughout the in-divorce phase, kids of divorce were more apt to display a relative decline in creating and keeping bonds with friends, along with conveying emotions, thoughts, and personal views in a positive manner (H.S. Kim 2011). Kim goes on to point out that kids of divorced parents were more apt to exhibit difficulties with worry, aloneness, negative views of self, and depression during the in-divorce phase (H.S. Kim 2011). Also, amidst the post-divorce phase, the aformentioned traits of worry, aloneness,...

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