Lesson # 1 Case Study Analysis Mgt620

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Lesson # 1 Case Study Analysis
Home Style Cookies
MGT 620 Operations Management & Supply Chain
September 4, 2015

Read Case Study, "Home Style Cookies” on pp. 67-66 and answer the questions at the end of the case.
1. Briefly describe the cookie production process.
There are two ovens in the company, which are being used in the production process (or the batch processing system). “It begins as soon as management gets orders from distributors.” (Stevenson, 2011).
Before the start of each shift, there is the list of cookies to be manufactured in accordance with the application filed by the distributor. The person, who is responsible for the process, enters the ...view middle of the document...

3. Do you think that the company is making the right decision by not automating the packing of cookies? Explain your reasoning.
From the ethical point of view the company made the right decision, allowing working 30 women, and creating the specific community. However, in my opinion, in today's world, all processes in the company and in the workplace, which can be automated, should be automated to maximize profits.
What obligation does a company have to its employees in a situation such as this?
In this situation, the company has a moral obligation to continue the use of manual labor and maintaining jobs for 30 people, since it is possible that for these people, this work is the only form of income for them and their families.
What obligation does it have to the community? Is the size of the town a factor?
In this case, of course, taking into account the size of the city and the size of the company, which employs 30 women, this company has the ethical obligations to society, and community.
In a small town where there are few industries and jobs is very limited, the company bears the burden of employment of workers.
Would it make a difference if the company was located in a large city? Is the size of the company a factor?
The size of the company in this case and the size of the city, in which the company does business, is crucial to keep the use of manual labor 30 in the packaging of finished products.
As noted above, the company shall be moral and ethical obligations to these women workers and their families.
Of course the size of the company is crucial in this case, since the conduct of such business in a small town, very strongly supports the city's economy as a whole (the payment of taxes, mandatory contributions and other payments), and enables city residents find employment and live a full life.
What if it was a much larger company?
In my opinion, in that case, if the size of the company would be more, but the company is also located in a small town, I believe in this case, the decision to continue the use of manual labor in the packaging of finished products would depend on the management of the company, from the moral and ethical principles of doing business in this the company.
4. What factors cause the company to carry minimal amounts of...

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