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Lesson 13 Essay

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Chapter 9

1. A large bureaucratic organization with which I have had contact with that has not responded flexibly to customer demands would be the United States Government. The US Government is very well known for its policies and “red tape” in just about any organization you can think of. It takes weeks if not months to get anything done. A large bureaucratic organization with which I have had contact with that has provided a satisfactory responsiveness would be GEICO. In my dealings with GEICO, they have been very flexible to my needs and have made many exceptions for me. I think the differences between the responsive and non-responsive organization are vast. In a responsive ...view middle of the document...

In a learning organization the people engage in disciplined thinking and attention to details, search constantly for new knowledge and ways to apply it, carefully review both successes and failures, learn organizations benchmarks, and share ideas throughout the organization. In a high-involvement organization, top management ensures that there is a consensus about the direction in which the business is heading. The leader seeks input from his or her top management team and from lower levels of the company. Task forces, study groups, and other techniques are used to foster participation in decisions that affect the entire organization. Continual feedback to participants regarding how they are doing compared with the competition is vital. Personally, I would not care for working in a learning organization because I prefer to have some sort of guidance and not learning as I go. I would prefer working in a high-involvement organization because you feel more involved in the company and I would have a direct relationship with the customer or supplier. I feel I would have much better job satisfaction in a high-involvement organization.

Chapter 10

1. Employees vote for unions due to economic factors, job dissatisfaction, the belief that the union can obtain desired benefits, and the image of the union can determine whether a dissatisfied worker will seek out the union. Certain steps can be taken to resolve the issue at hand and avoid unionization of the operating staffers. First, actually listen to your employees and what requests they may have. If the employees feel that they are overworked give them a raise or hire more workers to level out the work. Ensure that supervisors are treating the employees like they should and avoid poor supervisory practices, favoritism, lack of communication, and perceived unfair or arbitrary discipline...

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