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I hope you will approve my proposal for my Writing 465 final project. The primary audience who will benefit my project is that all students, especially Chinese students in Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina because I suggest that we can offer Chinese food in Thomson. This idea that we can offer Chinese food in Thomson will allow Winthrop students to enjoy different food and learn different culture. If students believe that their evaluations remain confidential, then they are likely to respond more objectively and candidly.

To be honest, Winthrop University has successfully offered its students to enjoy a health food. In addition, the university also ...view middle of the document...

Some American universities such as Wheaton College, Bowdoin College and James Madison University have already offered different food to meet student’s demand. Although the food offered in American University may not be as delicious as food in its own country, it can ensure that students who come from different country are able to eat food from their own country.

Through the development of this report, I will attempt to generate not only a convincing case to support my plan, but also a real interest among students in Winthrop University.

In my report, I intend to demonstrate that such a idea has the potential influence on the development of Winthrop University. In addition, I am willing to show that such a project is feasible for Winthrop. Along these lines, I will show that the challenges that this proposal has to face are complex, but they can be overcome. I will attempt to identify the largest of these problems and present solutions by which they may be handled.

I hope this plan will result in the establishment of services about Chinese food in Thomson. Further, I hope that such a proposal will be expanded to let more international students in American schools enjoy food from different country.

I have developed the tentative outline below to organize my feasibility study:
I Introduction
II Impetus
III Concept
A. Challenges
1. Cost
2. Taste may not be good
B Solutions
1. Do research
2. Strength supervision
IV. Conclusions
V. Recommendation

As soon as possible, I will tell everyone who are interested in this plan. At first, we have to do some researches to evaluate our plans. We have to evaluate the cost of hiring people who cook food from different country, the cost of purchasing the equipment and food and the number of students who are interested in enjoying food from other countries because they are our customers. Second, we have to make a plan to introduce this plan to appeal to more students. We can send out some brochures, make advertisements on the Internet and make a speech to denounce this plan. I believe we can appeal many students so our new restaurant can run very well. Meanwhile, to solve the problem that the taste may not be good, we can survey to find the appropriate answer to strength supervision. We may offer real food or food that has bee adapted in order to meet students’ demand. After carrying out these plans, I believe we will have a successful result.

Please see Figure 1 for a schedule detailing my current plans to proceed with my project.

As a senior Winthrop University student, I have a direct concern regarding these issues. In addition, I am interested in this topic for two...

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