Letter Of Intent For Guardians Essay

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I, _____, custodial parent of __________ (Age ) have made the following arrangements for the care of my dependent family members in the event I am not available to provide the proper care due to absence for military service or emergency which would require me to be away from them for an extended period of time:

1. ______(Maternal Grandmother to children)[temporary guardian] has been given legal authority to care for my children at the current residence where they will remain until my return from deployment. Short-term guardian will be enrolled in DEERS prior to SM deployment.

2. It is my intention, and my agreement with ...view middle of the document...

Funds required to provide financial support for my dependent family member (s) will be provided by allotment to be initiated immediately upon my departure, or by financial arrangements outlined below or in the attached documents:

5. Special documents pertaining to my children such as ID cards, medical records, school records, passports, as well as special instructions on medical prescriptions, allergies or other pertinent information will accompany my children, if they are not already in the possession of the guardian.

6. In the event of the untimely death of SM, All Decisions will be made by Executor of Estate and Long Term Guardian __________ as outlined in Last Will and Testament.

7. Those persons acting in my behalf for care of my children, and who have sufficient legal authority, copies of certificates of acceptance, and either ID cards or applications for the same, should apply to the commander of the nearest military installation for an agent’s letter allowing them to access military facilities and services in behalf of my children.

8. If, for any...

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