Letter To A Banana Company Essay

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Dear banana company,I am writing this letter on behalf of what I have learned about the production of bananas. Many things are overlooked that you should take notice to, including the working conditions and the environment. For example, many use synthetic fertilizers to keep their crops healthy, to maintain high production levels, and to ensure that the bananas appeal to their customers. Many banana plantations also use a large amount of synthetic pesticides which kill bad bugs, and synthetic herbicides, which kill plants that may interfere. Many of the ...view middle of the document...

In ssome countries, the workers who try to do something about the conditions may face firing and blacklisting. On occasion, they may be attacked by armed thugs.The need for large areas of land to create banana plantations also means that indigenous people are often forced off their land. Unable to carry on their traditional way of life, some went on the plantations, while others move to large cities and eventually live in poverty. Even after some manage to stay on their land, the environmental damage caused by the widespread us eof chemicals may sometimes affect their lives. For example, ones who relied on fishing found that the chemical runoff killed the fish in rivers and lakes. When the fish disappeared, so did their ability to feed themselves and earn a living.During the 1900’s, European governments helped many former colonies by giving preferred treatment to bananas imported from them. No taxes or duties were placed upon these bananas meanwhile other countries had taxes and duties. That started the banana wars.For the above information, I state that you should look into what is happening upon the plantations. Even though your bananas are tasty-tasty, You are killing the same amount of people as you are feeding. I hope you take consideration to look into it and find the truth.Yours truly,all information taken from the extbook "exploring globalization"

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