Letter To A Child Never Born

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Diva Moon
Essay of Reaction and Description
April 22, 2014


This time I will talk about one of the books but I have been shocked when I've read, not only for being such a controversial issue and will always be a source of great moral and spiritual controversial addition that is a terrible social reality as is the abortion. This time I will not give my personal opinion but I do not deny that this issue touches me closely as I am also a woman and mother. This book is about a woman who is independent, hardworking, single with a desire to succeed in life besides realistic and unsentimental ... This is the character that embodies the protagonist of this book is raw and cold as LETTER TO A CHILD NEVER BORN. We've always known two types of abortion: The spontaneous and provoked, but in ...view middle of the document...

As a result of this crisis ends this affecting her psychologically and traumatize. Well the fact of thinking all the time in this problem the more stressed out every day. His doctor had recommended absolute rest and also forbids him think as this will produce a lot of stress and it increases the possibility of an abortion
After she spent a calmer and feeling excited by her maternal time with your baby she decides to risk being a single mother, in one of her appointments to the doctor discovers that her son has stopped growing, is dead. Then her health worsens because she had inadvertently killed the fetus long inside your body. In her delusions and guilt do her feel she is in a trial, that she calls him, “The trial of life.” In this trial it is judged by all who were around her. Their parents are ones who do not judge, just give her support. Their boss also present who does not like the idea of having to give six months' maternity license in addition to the constant threats of abortion disabilities, her best friend is present and she gives all her support. Dr who believes a murderer for not having obeyed his orders to the letter at trial and this is one of the witnesses. Across this child's father who first disappeared and did not give the support she needed, now appears very sorry for not supporting it.
At the end of the trial only one voice is heard saying: None of you can or should judge her, the only one who can make me...... She looks desperately for everywhere but sees no one and the voice says yes ... I'm Mommy ... I am only one who can judge you. Fear and all your feelings you transmitted me and your anguish and uncertainty that lived around the time of. But ... you know what Mommy? Even with all the bad and horrible things that you told me that I would suffer on earth, I wanted to be born , just to have an opportunity of meeting you and be with you , to teach you that if there is love . I wanted to get out of here “nowhere, “where I talk now. If your mom can not see me anywhere, because I'm not anywhere ... Because I DO NOT EXIST! ... Then remorse and guilty conscience and guilt lead to the protagonist insane to the point of wanting to meet with her son in the afterlife...!

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