Letter To A Person Who Fears Fire From The Pov Of A Bunsen Burner

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Dear PWFF(person who fears fire),I am greatly saddened to know that you shun me because of your fear of fire. Actually, when you do experiments in the laboratory you have to heat or burn things. The most convenient way is to use a Bunsen burner, like me.When using a Bunsen burner for heating, you must observe some rules of thumb. Make sure the rubber tubing connecting the Bunsen burner is secure and gas is not leaking. Place the Bunsen burner on a heat-proof mat. You ...view middle of the document...

Girls should tie up their hair. Put on a pair of safety goggles. Also, the air hole should be fully closed when lighting the Bunsen burner.Sometimes the Bunsen burner may 'strike back' if the air-hole is fully open. The flame changes to a green colour and produces a loud noise. You should turn off the gas tap immediately. When there is a 'strike back', yopu should never touch the chimney and collar even after a while as they are very hot.After making sure that everything is done, follow these steps to light the Bunsen burner. Simultaneously lift up and turn the gas tap, while using a lighted match or lighter to light the flame. The flame should be yellow. This a luminous flame. Open the air hole slowly by turning the collar. The flame should change colour from yellow to a blue, non-luminous flame. This is the flame used for heating. When you are not heating any more, close the air hole so the non-luminous flame will change back to a luminous flame which is the safety flame, that can be more easily seen as compared to the non-luminous flame. This is so that no one will get accidentally burnt. After finishing your heating, turn off the gas tap.If you observe the rules when lighting a Bunsen burner, you need not have fear of me. PWFF, I hope that after reading this letter, you will shun me no longer.A sad Bunsen burner

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