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I do hope that this letter reaches you in good health and spirits. I know I don’t live far but with how much Michael and I have been traveling these days it has been almost a year since I have seen you. How is your little girl? I presume she is growing like a weed and driving you absolutely crazy. I hear Jordan Baker is staying with you, how is our dear friend Jordan doing? I miss you both so much! I saw her play in a tournament in South Hampton around 3 months ago, but alas she was so busy we were unable to entertain her. I have not spoken to her in person since your wedding day. We looked so beautiful in those lavender bridesmaids’ dresses you chose. They really brought out my eyes don’t ...view middle of the document...

Michael himself has in fact seen Tom out with this woman that others speak of; I myself have not seen anything. I am sorry I did not say anything to you when I spoke to you on the phone a couple of weeks ago I tried to say something but could not, I just did not know how to say it over the phone. So I write this letter and all the while wish I could do this in person. I do not know how long this has been going on or if this has happened before. I know he has an apartment with her in New York and that she is married also. She does not run in our circles and is much less fortunate than us. I do not know much more about her person other than she is not attractive and is on the thicker side. I have heard that he takes her to all the new restaurants and the best and biggest parties in New York. He flaunts her as if she is a prized trophy. You should be on his arm at these parties or he should be at home with his family if it so suits, not out on the town with some floozy.
I do not know why Tom would cheat on you. You are a wonderful doting, devoted and loving wife and excellent mother. You are the most beautiful person inside and out I have ever met. There is no reason other than gluttony and greed that any man would cheat on his wife. Tom will burn for this, in this life and his after.
Daisy I do not know of what things you know of and what you do not. I love you so much and only want you to be happy. I wish that you would tell Tom that if he does not straighten up his act and stop this indiscretion with this woman and any others he may have, that you will leave him. Tell him you will pack your things and your little girl and be gone forever if he does not stop his foolishness immediately. I do not think that cornering Tom and giving him an ultimatum will do any good; if anything it may have the opposite effect. He must know that you will not sit back and let others view you as a push over and you will not put up with this affair. You deserve better, and to be treated right. The only way I see you being happy is leaving Tom. This will be the hardest thing you have ever done, but you can do it. Do it for your little girl. Don’t let her grow up and let her see a man treat a woman like he treats you. She will think it’s ok for a man to treat her or any woman that way and will end up just as unhappy as you are right now. Let her see and know what real love is. I don’t even know if you know what real love is. Give yourself a chance to be loved with no fear and no limits.
I know he has touched you in anger and would doing it again, so any confrontation must take place with witnesses and with someone with more authority than Tom. I do not think that Tom will regard your threat of leaving him as serious and will laugh it off. You will need to stand your ground and not back down. I have spoken to our family attorney; he believes that you have a strong case to file for a divorce. He is in fact breaking the law and is committing adultery; this will not...

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