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Letter To The Actress Playing Rita In Educating Rita

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Letter to the Actress Playing Rita in Educating Rita

Dear Miss Walters

It has come to my attention that you will be playing the role of Rita
in the production of 'Educating Rita' at the west end. My name is
Steven Spielberg, and I am a Hollywood director, and quite recently I
have taken an interest in the play Educating Rita.

The purpose of this letter is to assist you in understanding the
complex character of Rita so you can perform her authentically.

As you may already know the play Educating Rita focuses on a twenty
six year old woman named Rita who in the beginning of Act one was a
narrow minded, outspoken and socially naive Liverpudlian ...view middle of the document...

Rita has a vibrant and bubbly personality she is not afraid to express
her point of view like when she complains to Frank about a novel she
has to read "God, I've had enough of this. It's borin', that's what it
is, bloody borin'. This Foster, honest to god he doesn't half get on
my tits". Rita's energetic manner and "hungry mind" is the very thing
that convinces Frank to teach her.

Rita's language and speech is something that you really need to take
into consideration because at the begging of Act one Rita frequently
uses a lot of colloquial English like "wanna' commin' y'know". In Act
two Rita begins to pronounce words correctly for example instead of
saying "y" like she would have in Act one she now says "you".

When you are playing Rita's character you will find that her choice of
words in the beginning of the play differentiates as she becomes more
educated further on in the play. In Act one when Rita first meets
Frank most of her sentences consisted of words like "sod off" and
"bleedin" later on she says things like "I sort of encapsulated all my
ideas" This shows that she is learning how to use a wider rage of
vocabulary. In Act two Rita attempts to change her regional dialect
under the influence of her new room mate Trisha. Rita tells Frank that
Trisha has told her "There is not a lot of point in discussing
beautiful literature in an ugly voice". This clearly shows that Rita
thinks very highly of Trisha. Additional evidence of Trisha's impact
upon Rita's speech can be found at the beginning of Act two scene
three when Frank calls Rita a "Dalek" (A robot from the hit TV series
Doctor Who) meaning that he thinks she sounds artificial just like a
robot, Rita then replies to Frank "Trish says that no matter how
difficult I may find it I must persevere" indicating that Trisha has
instructed her to change the way she speaks, this shows that Rita
values Trisha's advice. This is important for you to remember because
Rita would most probably speak about Trisha with a respectful tone,
giving the sense that she thinks very highly of her as though she were
a celebrity.

Rita also has a poor understanding of English literature in Act one
this is demonstrated when Frank asks her if she knew the poet Yeats to
which she replied "the wine lodge". You must look convincingly
bewildered when frank asks questions like this because your knowledge
of English literature has no yet developed.

However this is not the case after Act two, when Rita is able to
converse with Frank about various poems and authors and other
intellectual subjects. These positive changes in Rita are primarily
due to her experiences at summer school, where her knowledge of
English literature further develops. Evidence of Rita's intellectual
development can be found in Act one scene one where Frank talks to

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