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Letter To The Editor(Against) Essay

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EditorThe AustralianDear Sir / MadamI have read an editorial just today entitled "Dignity of life debased by euthanasia". It was about how Nancy Crick killed herself for a reason that the government will see that it will not happen, that is to legalise euthanasia. I strongly oppose legalising euthanasia on the grounds ...view middle of the document...

A recent book by Foley, K and Hendin, H was about euthanasia deaths and it said that 94 percent of doctors were uncomfortable with a law that permits them to diagnose the level of a patient's depression after only one consultation and it also states that 59 percent of the patients had killed themselves without even consulting the doctor. It is believed that patients who may be dying are often more vulnerable to being manipulated. This means that these patients did not need to die but was manipulated by family, friends, and doctors or by members of the society. This makes the decision not their own but someone else's. The government not only protects the patients being manipulated but also protects the public from losing someone that they know.Yours Faithfully,Name

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