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Level 3 Criminology Assignment 2

1667 words - 7 pages

Anna Bea Götz
OCN Level 3 Criminology
Assignment 2

Flat 117
2 Caraway Apt
Cayenne Court

Task 4 – Obtain a copy of your local, national or daily newspaper and cut out any articles relating to crime.

Task 5 – Give a description of each article and explain the role of the various criminal justice agencies, authorities and courts involved in the criminal justice process for the specific case. (567 words)
I have chosen to look at an article that was published in Southwark News on 4th January 2011 and refers to the trial of Ashley Bucknor who was involved in a shooting incident of another teenager, Ryan Bravo. The article is very brief, but due to the ...view middle of the document...

The information that was collated ultimately allowed the defense to show that Ashley Bucknor did not fire the gun that produced the fatal bullet, which the judge later accepted. However, the evidence presented also offered sufficient grounds for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to proceed to prosecute. In this case there was ‘enough evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction against each defendant on each charge and it was in the public interest to proceed’, especially because Ashley Bucknor had just been released from jail early on licence after stabbing a 40-year-old man.
Once the CPS decided to proceed the case travelled through Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court to the Old Bailey. Since a murder case is a more serious offence it would ultimately be tried on indictment at the crown court by a judge and jury. As the case unfolded Ashley Bucknor was initially convicted of murder but the Appeal Court quashed the verdict and ordered a retrial which ended with a second guilty verdict. Bucknor was originally jailed for life over the crime at Woolwich Crown Court in September 2009, but a retrial was ordered which meant that he was sentenced to a minimum term of 24 years imprisonment at the end of 2010. The trial concerning other members of the public that were identified as involved in the shooting continues.
With regards to Ashley Bucknor’s sentence the Coroners’ Court had also formally adjourned until recently when the sentence was passed. It was able to determine the cause of death and the identity of the deceased so that Ashley Bucknor is now able to begin serving his sentence at a Category A men’s prison in the United Kingdom. ‘The role of the Prison Service is to protect the public which involves holding prisoners in secure conditions, rehabilitating prisoners and preparing them for release.’

Task 6 – Arrange to visit your local court as a spectator. Observe a sitting of the court. Describe your experience and the type of case (without giving privileged details on who was involved) and how you felt the days proceeding went. (342 words)
I choose to visit Southwark Crown Court in December 2010 to observe a part of the morning session of a hearing.
Once I had taken the morning of work it was relatively easy to walk over to the Crown Court building from where I live. On entering I had to undergo the mandatory security check before walking through the security gates and funding myself in the big entrance hall. The building felt busy as barristers, staff, members of the public, legal teams and those prosecuted shared the same stair cases, lifts, corridors and benches to wait until the various court room door opened.
On the corridor I waited the possible outcomes were discussed prior to the hearing and legal updates were exchanged by various members of the legal teams and those they represented. However, as soon as the doors opened everybody filled the court room very quickly and took their assigned seats, which quickly...

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