Level 3 Criminology Assignment 3

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Anna Bea Götz
OCN Level 3 Criminology
Assignment 3

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Task 8 – Write an overview of the different forms of violent crime. What if any are the suggested reasons for such violence?
In criminology, how a violent crime is processed by the judicial system depends on how the crime is classified. Below you will find a list some common types of violent crimes and how these are defined. The reason for what motivates a person to commit these crimes is also explained.
* Homicide (murder, manslaughter, infanticide): The killing of one person by another. Women are likely to fall victim of domestic homicide, whilst men are ...view middle of the document...

Weapons are generally used to cause fear or injury, which also counts for unarmed robberies that are carried out with knives, syringes or other tools.
* Occupational violence: this is the ‘attempted or actual exercise by a person of any force so as to cause injury to a worker, including any threatening statement or behaviour…’ Observing the table presented in the study book Police Officers are at great risk of occupational violence, closely followed by private security guards and taxi drivers. There are several factors for why this type of crime occurs. These include:
* Contact with the public
* Delivery of passengers, goods or services
* Having a mobile workplace
* Working with unstable persons in health care, social services, or criminal justice settings
* Working alone or in small numbers
* Working late at night or during early morning hours
* Working in high-crime areas
* Guarding expensive goods
* Working where alcohol is served.
It seems to be more prominent among people with certain characteristics and is associated with some sort of trigger. Characteristics include:
* History of violent behaviour
* Middle-aged white male
* Upset with only having low-level tasks to do
* Bitter and unhappy
* No job security
* Problems growing up
* Substance abuse.

Task 9 – What are the different forms of property crime? Are there any types of locations or times that these crimes are more likely to occur?
What are the different forms of property crime?
There are different forms of property crime, including burglary, building site crime, graffiti and business crime.
According to section 9 of the Theft Act 1968 (not 1963 as in course literature), a person is guilty of burglary if they enter, or attempt to enter any building as a trespasser with the intention to steal, inflict grievous bodily harm, rape or cause unlawful damage. Burglary would become Aggravated Burglary (Section 10) should the offender have with him any firearm, imitation firearm, any weapon of offence or any explosive. As this assignment is solely concerning property crime and not violent crime, burglary will be defined as the entering of a building as a trespasser with intent to steal property or cause unlawful damage. Burglary can be domestic or non-domestic, domestic burglary includes break-ins to all inhabited dwellings, including caravans, houseboats, chalets and also garages and sheds connected to these main buildings. Non-domestic burglary includes burglary of businesses, factories and such outhouses and sheds that are not connected to inhabited property. Not all burglars actually break into homes, some will attempt to trick or con their way in, these burglars are known as distraction burglars or bogus callers, they generally prey on the vulnerable or aged person. Burglars are most likely to steal cash and small items of value that can be easily transported and sold on, such as mobile phones, small electronic...

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