Level 3 Hsc Unit 1 Essay

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Unit 9

Outcome 1
The right to confidentiality is partly covered by the data protection act 1998, the human rights act 1998 and principles established by common law. The data protection act sets out eight principles which are basically a code of practice for processing personal data, my workplace policies and procedures are based around these legislations. The human rights act 1998 details within the act the right to a private life, there are also the CQC standards that health and social care workers have to abide by. There are also the Caldecott standards which govern the sharing of information based on the data protection act
Data protection act 1998 – The data protection act sets out 8 principles governing the use of personal information :-
* Personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully
* Personal data shall be obtained only for one or more specified and lawful purpose
* Personal data shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive
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Current understanding is that compliance with the data protection act 1998 and the common law of confidentiality should satisfy human rights requirements.

Caldicott principles – The caldicott report set out a number of general principles that health and social care organisations should use when reviewing its use of client information :-
* Justify the purpose(s)
* Do not use personally identifiable information unless it is absolutely necessary
* Use the minimum personally identifiable information
* Access to personally identifiable information should be on a strict need to know basis
* Everyone should be aware of their responsibilities
* Understand and comply with the law

Freedom of information act – The act provides a general right of access to information held by the public authorities. Anyone can request information from a public authority and has the right to be told whether the public authority hold the information, and if it does to be provided with the information

Outcome 2
* Encrypt files
* Ensure computer files are password protected
* Any disks containing data are securely kept in office
* Ensure written records are stored in locked cabinets
* Log out of my computer when leaving my desk
* Ensure computer password is kept private and is changed regularly
* Care plans are kept in secured cupboards
* Filing cabinets are locked when not in use
* Staff handover is conducted in the staff room with the door closed
* Never discuss any residents in front of others and only on a need to know basis
* Ensure telephone calls remain private, in the office with the door closed
* Only pass on necessary information
* Ensure files are stored in the correct order e.g. numerical/alphabetical

It is important to maintain records and ensure they remain up to date, complete, accurate and legible. This is for several reasons : -
* The health and safety of service users
* The health and safety of the carer

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