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Level 3 Nvq Childcare Essay

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2.1 Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors.
There are different personal issues that a child or a young person can develop such as health complications, sensory impairment, disability or learning difficulties.

Even before birth a child needs to reach many milestones. In some cases there can be a delay in development and this can be out of the child’s or parent’s control.

A child with learning problems may be years behind their peers in their development. This would have an impact on what they can do on a day to day basis including physical skills, social skills and intellectual skills. Other personal factors that can influence ...view middle of the document...

Personal choices. If a child or young person as decided for whatever reason they do not want to be educated or leave school before they finish their education, this is their choice and we cannot always show them alternative choices for staying at school. Looked after/ care status. This again could have a huge influence as a lot of looked after children are moved around regularly. This will effect their education enormously. Separation and attachment issues are quite often the cause of many reasons not to want to be in school. This is constantly worked on by schools to find the best way to include these children in school and to be able to give them a good standard of education. Education. If for example a child has not attended a nursery or play group in their early years this can often set them back from what development stage they should be at when attending school. This could be the lack of nursery places, not good enough teachers to the child having a learning disability that has not been identified yet. Boyfriends/girlfriends. This is more apparent in young people more than children, but starting and finishing a relationship can be a huge influence on learning.

2.3 Explain how theories of development and frameworks to support development influence current practice.

These theories offer some explanations for why children develop in certain ways. There is no single right or wrong theory; they are the ideas that have come out of different bodies of research. Practice is therefore influenced by numerous theories, in order to achieve a balanced approach to child care and development.

Social pedagogy is the term for frameworks which combine the education and care of children, reflecting the ideas of a range of theorists. Social pedagogy supports development by looking at the holistic needs of children and young people. Examples include the current trend for pastoral care alongside the National Curriculum, and the use of circle time and friendship stops with younger children

Jean Piaget – Intellectual
Freud – psychoanalytic
Maslow – Humanist
Bandura – Social Learning
Skinner – Operant Conditioning
Watson – Behaviourist

The theorist whose theory is physical development is Arnold Gesell. His theory is that most physical skills cannot be taught but is programmed in our genetics, which means we will learn different physical skills when our body is ready to. In our setting, we support this by encouraging children but not forcing them to develop a physical skill. We provide a soft, cushioned area so that children can develop themselves physically without risk of hurting themselves.

The theorist who theory is language development is B.F. Skinner. His theory is that children use cognitive behaviour when understanding and giving communication. They will use trial and error to get the right words out until they succeed. He believes that children observe adults and other children for the correct way to communicate and repeat the...

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