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Level 5 Ccld Essay

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Unit 170
Explore models of disability

1.1 Explain the different models of disability
1.2 Analyse how individuals experience different theoretical models of disability
1.3 Analyse different theoretical models of disability shape organisational structures and outcomes
There are different views of disability, the medical or individual model and the social model.
The medical or individual model views an individuals disability as a medical problem, which results in an individual not being able to function fully in society because of their disability. This model is based on trying to find a way for the person to overcome barriers and adjust to fit society. This could be a physical ...view middle of the document...

In my nursery I 1:1 a child with a disability, he is dependant on me for his movement, he has a mobility chair which helps me transport him, and we have supplied ramps in order to make a safe entrance and exit for him, this means that the environment is safe as he can be safely transported from the building in a case of a fire. Even though his has his needs, I try and link his developmental needs around the activities the other children do as I like him to feel included and not different.
People with ‘Social model’ disability may feel like mainstream society gives them none or very little consideration. There are barriers that will prevent them from gaining equal access to information, education, employment, public transport, housing and social opportunities.
This can affect people as they are unable to get around on public transport to do their shopping and every day essentials they may need. This day in life we have areas on buses where wheel chairs and fit and ramps to help disabled people access shops and areas. We also have taxis to help with transportation where wheel chairs can access the back of a taxi in order to get to places.
It will be hard for disabled people to get jobs, even though we treat everyone equal, employment is a struggle as they need to find the best for their organisation, this may be not that disabled people may not be able to do the requirements that they need within employment.

2.1 Analyse how agreed ways of working can promote models of disability
Working with children with a disability, you should have agreed ways of working. You need to set goals and see which ways work best to help the child learn. Within my nursery the child I look after we have a goal plan, which we base on the child’s needs. Firstly we decided where the child was developing at age and stage development. We found out that when the child first started that the childs development was around 9 months. We then planned to help the child progress by using goals. We only concentrated on two...

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