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Level 5 Nvq Essay

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Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role.
1.1 As a Unit Manager Part of my job role is to be able to communicate with a range of groups and individuals. I change the use of my language on a variant of levels dependant on the target audience. I mostly deal with both young adults and elderly who respond effectively to language relevant to them, this is within a relatively informal setting.

1.2 I am fully responsible for sharing information across a wide range of professionals, family members, including social services, health workers and multidisciplinary teams and so on. My approach is required to be of a more professional nature when dealing with ...view middle of the document...

This enabled me to reflect and alter any communication I have with those involved, who may find it particular difficult to communicate effectively with others.

1.5 Communication is a basic tool that is used widely on a daily basis through different methods. At times I am faced with difficulties of being able to communicate effectively due to the individual who may suffer with a disability or an impairment. Different methods which can be used are sign language, text talk, body language, picture cards, writing. Each has its own means to successfully communicate and within the care setting, each is used not always as a daily occurrence but as and when not able to verbally communicate.

Be able to improve communication systems and practices that support positive outcomes for individuals.
2.1 In my workplace it is vital that communication is equal throughout the whole of the business and I continue to monitor through the systems and practices. In order to establish the effectiveness of communication systems and practices each party involved needs to agree on the method of communication, which is established in the initial assessment. This method has to be discussed with the carers and MDT involved in the package to ensure that everyone agrees and understands. Once this has been agreed the preferred method will be then written into the care plan. This is then monitored and reviews are undertaken to establish if any changes have occurred, any new equipment introduced or it there has been a decline in the individual’s communication methods. I also ensure that I have regular meetings with the care staff as they communicate with the individuals daily and also monitoring the daily records that care staff are to complete daily.
2.2 After the agreed method of communication has then been transferred into the care plan, I ensure that regular reviews either monthly, 3 monthly or 6 monthly are completed. If any changes are to be made prior this can be done on a as and when basis or if reported via a MDT meeting, staff meeting, staff supervision, information given from family or when auditing daily records. If any changes were alerted from either of the above, then I would revisit the individual to discuss alternative methods of communication.
2.3 Through past experience and completing reviews which enables time to be spent with an individual, I have noticed changes to be made in communication requirements. This for example can be through having the television on loud and asking me to speak up. I would at this point discuss with the individual support networks available and equipment that would enhance their existing communication needs. With the individual in agreement I would contact the MDT to discuss the options that are readily available and agree and introduction of equipment.
2.4 I would introduce or think of ideas that can be used for effective communication within my role and ensure that this remains consistent. Introducing for individuals...

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