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Library Of Congress Essay

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Library of Congress Paper

I began my experience at the Library of Congress with the researcher orientation. I attended the orientation with about fifteen other individuals. Our instructor started our orientation explaining to us many people are not aware of how to properly research. They would spend much time and effort researching but would not get the most pertinent information. She explained to us that by the end of the orientation we would be able to avoid these mistakes and would be able to make the most out of our researching experience. She began by explaining to us how to begin a search. I learned that the best way to research is to limit the amount of things I want to research on ...view middle of the document...

Another suggestion given by our instructor was on the topic of subject headings. Due to the wealth of information inside the many libraries, much of the information that relate to one another are labeled under a single subject heading. When searching through databases our instructor suggested that we utilize these given subject headings. For example, if one wanted information on modern art, searching “art, modern” would yield the best results or if they wanted information on the Vietnam War, they would search “Vietnam Conflict”. Another tip that helped in my researching experience was the use of former headings. When it comes to historical research, much of the information is documented under the former headings used at the time. For example, World War I was referred to as the “European War”, the black race was referred to as “negroes” and films were referred to as “moving-pictures”. Suggestions like these were among the many tips given at the researcher orientation that greatly helped me in filtering through the vast information inside the Library of Congress. However, in order to start my research, I had to first obtain a research identification card.
Obtaining a reader identification card was a fairly simple task. The office to obtain a reader card was only a ten minute walk from the Thomas Jefferson Building. Upon entering the office, the people working there were very helpful and informative. They were happy to explain and walk me through the process of getting a reader card. I had to simply pre-register on a computer located at the facility. The process only took a maximum of five minutes and then I was off to take my ID picture. Overall, the entire ordeal took about fifteen minutes. The ease of obtaining a reader card along with the fact that it was completely free made the reader card an incredible asset to my researching experience.
Once I received my reader card, I was off to the European Reading Room to conduct...

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