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Life And What It Is Essay

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When does life really begin? Is it when the first fluttering beats of the primitive heart of a fetus start, or when the child is pushed from the womb into the world? Does it all actually start at the moment of conception when the egg and sperm meet and mix their genetic code together to create a new being. Who can say really. No one knows because no one is sure of when life truely begins.

There are many out there who say an unborn child isn't really a person, or even alive because it can not sustain it's own life. If this were true, then no one is a real person until they are living on their own away from their parents. When you stop and really think ...view middle of the document...

Its that life growing inside them that started those mothering instincts. Its those instincts that protect it from harm until it is able to survive outside the womb and until it can live apart from its mother later in life. Even beyond that point, any mother will protect her young from everything she can.

I'm not a scientist, a theologist, or even a doctor. I am just an average woman with a child of her own. From the moment I felt those first flutterings of life within me and heard my child's beating heart for the first time, all thanks to modern technology, I have thought about when life truely began. No matter what, from the very beginning when the egg and sperm meet, it is a living breathing human being. Sometimes, the life can not go beyond a few weeks inside the mother, but its still alive, until it can not go any longer. There are times, when that life has to be ended, in such cases, it is still sad, but if the mother is to live, then it has to be done. There are other times, when frankly, it is best because there are other problems such as a tumor which is eating away at the child little by little. It doesn't change the fact the child had to die, but at least, it had a small chance and brought just a little happiness into the mother's life.

So, when does life really begin? I don't know, but when ever it does, its all well worth keeping it going, for the rewards are more than what anyone truely deserves.

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