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University life is the time when whole plethora of feelings is hidden inside your heart. It is also the time when the students live on its full and after few weeks of joining university, they start enjoying their time. You can mention this as your best time. The time you spent at university always gives you loads of memories that would scorch in your heart and flames never glimmer to demise. The purpose of university life is to deliver critical and reflective environment for the students, so they could excel into their fields. The university life made a significant impact on student future life.
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For the students who are depressed, sad or homesick or for any other problem, university have a panel of many RAs, directors and very friendly and helpful staff to discuss your problems. The accommodation service provided by the university is satisfactory although not very great. University rooms lack air conditioning and also no carpeting in rooms. In very few buildings the lofts are available. Around the campus the neighbourhood is very peaceful and calm and most of the area is crime free although a tight security is being provided by the University.
For the most part, the Fargo/Moorhead area provides exceptional neighborhoods. There are an abundance of choices when it comes to housing because of the college atmosphere; there are many apartments and the dorms at my school are more than suitable for on-campus dwellers. Most of the crime and safety issues revolves around drinking problems. As a result, minors and DUIs are very much common. As for quality of life, partying happens on a routine basis; quality of life is affected in negative ways when altercations happen as a result of drinking. Dining in the area is exceptional with over 300 places to eat in the area. At my school, there are more than enough places to choose to eat. The facilities at my university are great and have everything to offer a student. The only thing I can see lacking is the lack of many parking lots for commuters.

In another review by student about the quality of life at university campus, The Moorhead/Fargo region provides the exceptional neighbourhood.


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