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Life Cycle Through Love Essay

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Life Cycle through Love
"Love as desire for the perpetual possession of the good" - Plato
Plato’s theory of love has been discussed as the basis for many poems through the years dating until today. The Good Morrow, by John Donne, describes a man and his lady as two parts of a whole, thus importing Platonic love. Furthermore, Donne designs the poem to be a song that is sung by lovers to describe their feelings towards each other. Through this metaphysical poem, Donne chooses to acknowledge his argument of carpe diem through the ideas of the structure, figurative language, and his tone.
The Good Morrow has a varied structure comparable to other poems. It has been split up into ...view middle of the document...

In addition, John Donne uses many metaphors and similes to exaggerate the amount of love he unleashes through the poem. For example, Donne says “And now good morrow to our waking souls” (8). After the first stanza talks about the past of the lovers’ lives, the second stanza starts to discuss the present. When the author addresses the couple as good morrow, it can be defined as a metaphor of the entire poem, if a person looks into his biography. The good morrow can be described as the time when John Donne and his wife met. In addition to the metaphors and allusions, there are also metonymies. Through the second stanza, talking about the present, the narrator says, "Let us possess one world; each hath one, and is one" (14). In this context, Donne describes that each lover is like another world for each other. Since this is from John Donne’s cultural background, it would be considered more a metonymy rather than a metaphor. The use of different types of figurative language expands the topic of carpe diem through the play of words.
Donne’s poems have a dramatic entrance, and thus a dramatic tone. In The Good Morrow, Donne starts out...

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