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Life Experience Essay

921 words - 4 pages

Homework GE117
Conrad Howell
ITT Technical Institute
July 03, 2014
Composition1: A Life Experience
Mr. Roger Reynolds


Thousands of spectators were gathered on this huge, open, sun-drenched field, yet the venue and its surroundings were as quiet as a graveyard in the wee hours of the morning. Even the slightest whisper could be heard from miles away and could be even mistaken for an explosion. Although I was only a few months shy of my eighth birthday you cannot begin to imagine how this moment and experience influenced my life.
It was a gorgeous May Day. The sun was shining in all its glory. The cool northeast trade winds fought relentlessly to keep the ...view middle of the document...

The commander of the parade gave the order to halt just in front of where I sat. I could see every solitary movement from this vantage point. The uniforms adorned were very colorful, red tunic, black trousers with red stripes running down the sides and black headdress. Medals hanging from the uniforms, highly burnished boots, rifles and bayonets all glittered gallantly in the brilliant sunshine. It was indeed a spectacle. The best thing I ever saw.
I was totally blown away to see the soldiers standing so still, firm and erect. Even the slightest movement would be noticed from a distance. Upon the command of one officer the entire parade with a complement of over one hundred men strong reacted in the exact manner. The movements were sharp, deliberate and precise. They marched around the designated display area in slow and quick time and each time they passed the saluting dais they gave a royal salute to the royal entourage. Being a member country of the British Empire, we were required to observe all British holidays. This occasion was held in commemoration of Empire Day celebrated in May of each year.
This event was so spectacular, over a hundred men moving as though they were one. The length of their steps were equal, their arms swung to the same height. They looked so professional, so fit and strong. It appeared as though they had no problems whatsoever. At this point my mind was made up. Nothing under the sun will stop me from becoming a soldier.
Over the years I became more and more eager to fulfill this dream. I pretended to be a soldier, I tried to march like a soldier, and...

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