Life From The Perspective Of The Lonely

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Life from the perspective of the lonely
Every one i life has experiences that define who thy are and the why they act this is what character sizes them and their behavior and if every ones past would be revealed explained we all will have better understanding of each other but heres my story Earlier on in my about life, i had often found my self in the awful dilemma of wether to inconveniencing myself to help a friend or put myself first. After lots of experience living the door mat lifestyle and having people who do not appreciate the sacrifice, I realized I was having skewed relationships and I finally drew the line. Although I still help people in need I gauge where to stop and say no ...view middle of the document...

it didn't take long for them to realize that i would go out of my way to satisfy them and because of that they did what they liked with me and took advantage of me it got so obvious that a person will want to hang out with me only when there is a favor to ask like they paid with their time. on instace that marked as the becining of my turnong point was when i singned up to take my friend to work and back everyday till he gets his car which was promised to arive in less than a week. this draged till almost a month an half although i continued to help out. at one point i got into some finacial problem and i asked for some gas money to go to school i also felt that since he had been riding with me for free for the past month he will willingly fill up my gas tank that was no the case he simply hopped in another persons car the next day leaving my to handle my own problems by myself at this point i started to shut of people like this and avoild those knids of situations completely.
i the got to realize that insted of being happy i was getting more sad as i saw i was loosing out on life living their lives for them.i...

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