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In the poem, "Life in a Love" by Robert Browning, the tones of adoration and rejection reflect how the narrator feels about the woman he loves. The narrator is absolutely willing to do anything for their love, or demonstrate just how much he loves her. The woman, however, does not seem to have a mutual feeling about their relationship.
The author's diction highlights his determination and desperation to please his love. The narrator is "the loving" who "must...pursue" his "fate". The man loves the woman very much, while it seems she does not love him as much. He sees loving her as a duty to keep her happy and tend to her needs or wants. If he does not do so, he would not see his life as ...view middle of the document...

In the beginning of the poem, there are punctuation marks (commas and hyphens) to show pauses in his explanation that they will stay together. There are also a couple of phrases that contradict each other to show contrast between the man and the woman. He is enthusiastic, and perhaps a little overwhelmed. The narrator is also trying to emphasize on how or who they are in the relationship. The author opens the poem this way to demonstrate how the man does not mind putting in all this effort to maintain this relationship. The middle consists of many monosyllabic words in the narrator's list of what he does for the woman. He becomes nervous and starts to worry and doubt himself. The monosyllabic words depict how fast the narrator is speaking. The ending of the poem consists of alliteration, and more pauses and monosyllabic words. The alliteration emphasizes on each of the words that match with one another. The pauses and monosyllabic words, however, now imply that he is starting to become a bit more serious. The use of these syntactical arrangements suggest the...

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