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Life In Australia During The 1950s Changed Remarkably Prior To World War 2

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Life in the 1950s has remarkably different to the life prior to World War II. In the 1950s, technology was rapidly changing the way Australia lived, worked, travelled and entertained themselves. The availability of cars allowed families to go on holidays and travel. The 1950s saw a housing boom with the creation of suburbs and families were able to purchase new appliances such as Mixmaster’s, washing machines and refrigerators.

Leisure, which involves factors such as sporting, surfing or travel, was a huge aspect in the remarkable change during the 1950s in Australia. Holidays and sport (such as cricket), for example, played a major role in this particular area, as luxuries were ...view middle of the document...

In being said, leisure, including factors such as the act of going on holidays (such as Queensland) and the construction of motels to support travellers, had definitely contributed towards the remarkable change during the 1950s.

Large families, role of life between both genders and the boomer generation were all crucial factors that associate with the social life during the 1950s. Both men and women were portrayed with specific roles, strongly including the role of women which basically involved staying home doing house chores – cooking, cleaning, washing, etc – and looking after the children, whereas men were primarily breadwinners which simply involved heavy duty work. Women during these days had no equal rights, but gradually improved as they gained independence through ‘men’ jobs, as men went to wear, whereas today, they have sequal rights to men. Continuing, these roles were publicly showcased through advertisements, posters and more, which eventually had become established to Australian society. Furthermore, in regards to both men and women, marriage was a huge priority throughout the 1950s, as there were approximately 75, 000 total marriages in comparison to divorces which only reached up to roughly 7, 000. However, considered as a huge priority, many women were highly concerned if they were still single by the age of 28, as they were relatively worried that they could not live life without a man, house and children. In reference to such an enormous amount of marriages during the 1950s, this resulted to a rapid increase of population. Couples were encouraged by the government to have large families as apart of the average lifestyle for both man and woman. This is also known as the ‘baby boomer’ generation. Therefore, due to an outstanding increase in population, also known as the baby boomers, this had a significant impact towards the lifestyle change during the 1950s in comparison to the life prior to World War II.

Transport – The aspect of transport was yet another important factor which played a critical role in the remarkable change in lifestyle prior to World War II during the 1950s. This was a significant time in Australian history, as on the 29th of November, 1948, Australia’s first owned car company ‘Holden,’ was launched and named by the current Prime Minister of the time Ben Chifley, which aimed to build motor-car bodies. During the early years of production, however, the Holden production rate only reached up to 10 cars per day or 143 registered motor-vehicles per 1000 people. Production numbers gradually increased, soon reaching to an outstanding 100 built vehicles per day whilst achieving to obtain half of Australia’s new vehicle market. Producing rapidly, Holden achieved its millionth motor-vehicle in 1962. Continuing with success, approximately one in four Australians were known to have owned a car by 1960, as it was soon established to be a ‘way of life.’ In support of the tremendous change in transport, motors...

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