Life Is A Miracle Essay

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Alysandra Ang –Scriptwriter; Supporting Characters
Rhea Imperial – Director; Supporting Characters
Main Characters
Stevenson Family:
Andrei Salde – Father (Ramon Stevenson)
Audrey Guevarra – Mother (Carmela Swift)
Yurianne Solitana - Daughter (Younger Version) (Alice Stevenson)
Venice Jarlego – Daughter (Older Version) (Alice Stevenson)
Camille Elises – Younger Version (Mia Ackerman)
Chesca Agpalza – Older Version (Mia Ackerman)
Supporting Characters:
Alexis Buenaventura – Bar/ Flair tender, Bully (Stewie Simpson)
Omar Juliano – Drummer of “West Kawayan Sea”, Bully (Cleveland Keinor)
Jade Guevara – Bestfriend of older Alice (Roxie Reiss)

Scene 1
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I finally finished cleaning.
Carmela: *Comes in with a cigarette in her mouth* Alice! Come here, right now. *drunk*
Alice: What is it mom?
Carmela: Get my lighter.
Alice: Okay! *gets lighter and gives it to her mom* Here mom.
Carmela: *takes lighter* Where’s my beer Alice?
Alice: I think you drank it all last night mom.
Carmela: *sigh, sits on the couch/chair* Why are you still here? Go away, I’m busy.
Alice: I have something to ask you about my homework.
Carmela: Do it yourself, you’re the one who goes to school, anyway.
Alice: Okay, I’ll be going now. * goes to her room* *whispers: As Always*

Scene 3
Mia: Hi! Alice.
Alice: Oh, its you. *breaths heavily*
Mia: What’s wrong? You seem exhausted.
Alice: Well, my mom didn’t wake up, so I had to walk all the way here.
Mia: Oh, Why didn’t she wake up?
Alice: I guess she is pretty tired of taking care of me all day.
Mia: Is that so? We should go to class now.
Alice: Sure *carries her books*
Von: *Walks to Alice* Hey, shortie!
Omar: *Drops Alice books* See you later child of slut.
Alice: Hey!
Mia: Alice, don’t. You’ll just make it worse. Don’t embarrass yourself.
*Slide showing pictures of Alice edited*
Alice: Why does everyone treat me like this? Do I even deserve this?
Mia: I don’t know, maybe because of your…mother.
Alice: What’s wrong with my mother?
Mia: She’s like, like a binge drinker. And she hangs out with so many guys. No offense.
Alice: Well, that was very offensive! I thought you are my friend.
Mia: I am!
Alice: Then, Why are you like that!
Mia: I’m just telling the truth.
Alice: You’re not my friend. *runs*
Mia: Alice!

Scene 4
Alice: Mom…
Carmela: What? *talking on the phone*
Alice: This coming Friday is our family day. And…umm…
Carmela: Let’s go straight to the point. Do I have to come and waste my time there? It’s useless.
Alice: It’s not like that. It’s just like half a day. Can you make it?
Carmela: No.
Alice: But mom, Please! Everyone has their families except me! Just once, please….
Carmela: Okay! Okay! Fine, I’ll go. If that will makes you shut up.
Alice: Thanks, Mom! Yes…

Scene 5
Mia: Alice! I’m so sorry.
Alice: It’s okay.
Mia: You look so troubled today. What’s wrong?
Alice: My mom’s not yet here. The program is about to start.
Teacher: *checking class attendance* Alice, where’s Mrs. Stevenson? You’re the only one who has no parents yet. The program is about to start.
Alice: Ma’am, give me ten minutes more, she might just got stuck in traffic.
Teacher: Okay, but after ten minutes, we’ll start. Understood?
Alice: Thank you, Ma’am.
Mia: Why don’t you sit with my family while you’re waiting for you mom to arrive.
Alice: Sure. *walks towards the table*
Teacher: Whether your mom’s here or not, we really have to start the program.
Alice: *Nodding*
Mia: That’s Okay!
Alice: Pssh! That’s okay. I should’ve not waited for her. I know that she wasn’t coming, in the first place....

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