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There are several companies researching and exploring ideas on how to get to Mars. Space X is one of those companies they were founded in 2002. The Headquarters of Space X is located in Hawthorne, Ca. and they design, manufacture and launch advanced rockets and spacecraft’s. Space X, is short for Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, it is one of two private companies that NASA has contracted to transport cargo to the International Space Station. (Robertson, 2013)
Space X can launch cargo from approximately 5 tons to 53 tons on their two rocket designs right now, cargo services are available on the Falcon 9 space craft for about $56.5 million dollars to sub orbit. If you need larger ...view middle of the document...

Mars would be the most viable target to attempt to colonize in the solar system because of it having the greatest potential of self-sufficiency. The geologic history of Mars can prove to have several different ores from the volcanoes and craters on the planet. Also the asteroid belt between earth and mars could have some minerals to help re supply colonies on mars. (Bonsor, 2000)
The Mars one project has developed a realistic plan to establish a permanent colony on mars. This plan is built on existing technology available from suppliers. This plan consists of a Mar’s transit vehicle that will travel from earth to mars that will take about 7 months. Once in Mars atmosphere the astronaut’s will land on the surface along with other landers carrying life support units, supply units with food and water, living units and rovers. Two rovers will be sent ahead to set up out posts and help select the most viable locations for the settlement. The explorers will have to wear mars suits whenever they are exposed to the mars atmosphere to help protect them from the temperatures and the lack of oxygen. The communications system will consist of two satellites and earth ground stations. (
Climate Characteristics
The distance from Mars to the sun is 141,600,000 miles. The distance from earth to mars varies due to them both being on elliptical orbits. The distance ranges from 57.6 million miles to 100.7 million miles. (Fact monster, 2007)
Mars is a rocky, cold, arid, and sterile environment beneath the pink hazy sky. There are mountain ranges from past volcanoes and craters also. The Mars atmosphere is made of mostly carbon about 95 percent, nitrogen 2.7percent and argon 1.3 percent compared to earth being 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen along with small percentages of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and argon. This is not very friendly to life as we know on earth. (flanagan, 2013)
The average day on mars is 24 hours 37minutes and 23 seconds. The average year is about twice as long as earth’s year with it lasting 687 earth days to orbit the sun. This causes the seasons to last double than what they are on earth. The wind has been recorded gusting up to 60 mph and having a sustained wind of 20mph. The wind can be so strong that it can cover the whole planet in a dust storm that can take months to settle down. The temperatures can be as high as 70 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as -100 degrees Fahrenheit. (Bonsor, 2000)
The logical location would be just north of the equator where it is like plains. The population in the beginning will be limited to the first explorers till the colonies are built and set up. The overall population of Mars would be less than half of that of earth since Mars diameter is only slightly half the size of earth. The first colony will be dependent on supplies being shipped from earth to mars with the cost being absorbed by the people on earth. Until the colonies on mars can become self-sufficient...

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