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I have lived and been to many places in my life, but there is one place that I know shape the person I am to this day. I grew up in an area on the Navajo reservation called smoke signal I live there from birth until I was about ten years old with my parents and my two little brothers. I was raised without all the modern things we have now like TV and Nintendo games and also the essential things like water and electricity. I don't have crazy bills and my family doesn't have to buy a lot of meat are vegetables because we know how to use the things around us to live off. I believe because I grew up in this place it helped me to become the person I am to this day which is independent and helped ...view middle of the document...

The mule ducked and we fell off thinking about it reminds me of the cartoon when they fall off something and are in the air for a couple of seconds and them just fall. I swear that is exactly what happened to us. We also have 8 horses one for every one of us and some just to train and sell. My horses name was exit and he was a short brown mustang with a jug head that's what my dad called it. I learn how to ride on him my parents said that he really took good care of me and only me. When it felt like I was about to fall off my horse would move in that direction so that I wouldn't. I had him until he was twenty five years old. On the day he died he went into the mountain and laid down and passed. I believe he knew he was ready and he didn't want us to see so he went off to be were we couldn't. I loved that horse and I miss him so much I don't think there well ever be another like him. I loved this place it was so peaceful you would never hear sirens are trucks driving by the house. The nearest house was about 2 or 3 miles away and they were all family members. My brother Frederick was only a year and a half younger than me and we got along great we never fought although he say we did I don't remember ever fighting with him. We always played outside and entertained ourselves. I remember we would use round little rock as cars and race with them on our dirt race track and argue about whose care was fastest. My dad built use many things from scratch like a swing set made of wood left over from the horse corral. Or a sandbox also made of the left over logs. They were so fun and me and my brother were so proud of them. My favorite aunt and uncle lived about two miles away and me and my brother would just get on our horse and ride to visit them or one of my cousins would come pick us up. What's funny is that we never had phones so it was way different to how I live now I can just call up a family member and talk to them instead of going to see them. I wish I could go back to were I just got on my horse and rode to see family to visit. I hate that the only way to talk to family these days is by phone and sometime that's hard to do because we are "busy." My aunt Neva and Uncle Virgil are the best and my favorite. My aunt is a tall lady with big curly hair and she was always smiling or laughing and my uncle is a little shorter than average he was always clean in nice western clothes and a clean cowboy hat. He works on the railroad so he was gone all week and would come back on weekends. Every weekend I would go and see him because he always brought me back something from where ever he worked at that time. The one gift I loved and I still have to this day is a bracelet and earring set made of pennies. They are just glued together to make cool little earrings and a bracelet. They have 4 kids I was closest to the youngest who was around my age and we called him tee he was a great basketball player and love the Chicago bulls and Michael Jordan so...

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