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Life Stages Essay

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0-3 infancy

Physical development | From birth 0-3 months start moving his legs and neck and start moving his arms forward to his chest when he lying down, at age 3-6 try to lift his head up and more movement and gaining his Wight, baby at this age start to set and controlling himself, at the age of 6-12 baby start to stand up and some baby walk, at the age 12-36 baby start walk without problem and jump when and using his hand and eat with his own hands. |
Intellectual development | Infancy can count to 20 they know ABC and they watch TV and ask to go out, begin to pretend by acting out familiar activities. Responding, and making some kind of sound understands by people ...view middle of the document...

Social development | At this stage baby’s social development grow up more and want make friendship and love from parentis ,he making friends in the school or neighbourhood and when they have a party in the school love to see his parents and show to his friends how much his parents love him . |
Emotional development | Emotional development is very important at this stage as the child grown up and making new friends and going out, girls want play with girls and boys want play with boys, and may become upset when Behaviour in the school is ignored, child at this stage need to be loved and respected. |

Adolescence 11-18 years
Physical development | At this stage of development as signaling end of childhood and beginning of sexual maturity and there is different development between girls and boys as girls begin chest enlargement, this stage of development is different from someone to other for example some people at this stage they show like mature and some of them they show as a old children and some they act as normal.Hormones are responsible for development and the early sign of this stage increasing high and weight ,hair growing on the legs under the arms and girls their breasts become rounder and larger and the uterus enlarges ,at the age 12-14 girls today having menstrual periods and flow . |
Intellectual development | At this stage adolescence thinking about future and have some plan to become a useful to the public at the same time , In mid adolescence, the weight of making decisions about a future career gets increasingly heavy, and most adolescents do not have a clearly defined goal, although they gradually realize their areas of interest and talent. Parents must be aware of the adolescent's capabilities and help the adolescent set realistic goals. Parents also must be prepared to identify roadblocks to learning, such as learning disabilities, attention problems, or inappropriate learning environments, which need to be corrected. |
Social development | Social development at this stage of age is rough for both child and parents can be difficult for parents to understand and deal with them, open communication between child and parents can help to alleviate these problems.At the age of fourteen call teenager at this stage teens express her identity through clothes makeup music sport and making friend and they try to have own personality. |
Emotional development | Emotional development is more complex in changing and challenging word, with new...

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