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Life Wanders By Essay

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Life Wanders By

The life that we live here on Earth is a very short span of time. When you compare this temporary life to eternity, your jaws will drop. It’s nowhere near close. Since it is so short, you should cherish every moment you have and be thankful for the time you have. Drowning yourself in your problems and dramatic situations will drag you down to a place where you cannot get out. Do not get too involved with the earthly things for you just might forsake your chance at life. Otherwise, life will wander by in a flash of an eye. So, there are three keys in life that you need, patience, wisdom, and serenity.

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We should want to inspire people. By doing so, we are to share our wisdom by experience to those who are going through similar trials and tough situations. With this, we can save lives of few or MILLIONS. It could be just a quote, or an action of some sort, anything. Having wisdom is amazing because you can touch so many people with your words and actions. Wisdom just doesn’t come to you when you want it; it takes lots of experience and time to gain wisdom. Wisdom is so very rare; it’s something so sacred, and something extremely unique. Not very many people have wisdom and for those who do are very intelligent beings. Although I must say, wisdom has nothing to do with books or knowledge prior to school; it has to do with life. Being granted with wisdom is a true gift and a true blessing.

Hakuna Matata, no worries. Once you are granted with patience and wisdom, you will feel this sudden relief of everything, as if there is nothing to be bothered about. This is an act of serenity. You are at a state of mind where you feel relaxed and peaceful. When you are feeling stressed, that doesn’t mean to give up, find something to occupy yourself. For instance, most people when they’re mad, they walk away, listen to music, exercise, or even take hot baths. Each and...

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