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Life Without Jenni

All of us have a hero. Somebody we aspire to be like; someone whom we admire greatly for their qualities or achievements. My hero is Jenni Schaefer. Jenni is a young woman recovering from both bulimia and anorexia. She is also the author of the best-selling books Life Without Ed and Goodbye Ed, Hello Me. I have never met Jenni, and I have never had a conversation with her, but she has influenced me in ways I cannot yet fully grasp. She inspires me everyday. Through her advice and words of encouragement, she has provided me with hope, even in the most difficult of times. Although Jenni’s advice applies mainly to those battling eating disorders, she can be seen as a ...view middle of the document...

In addition, many recognize Jenni Schaefer for the hope and encouragement she provides. For instance, she offers hope to those struggling with eating disorders by assuring that recovery is possible. Her first novel, Life without Ed “guides readers through what may be the most difficult journey of their lives and helps them to see the rewards on the other side,” said Joseph Donnellan, Medical Director of E.D. Program, and Chief of Psychiatry, Sommerset Medical Center. Jenni's words give hope, perspective, and wisdom, about the journey through recovery, as well as facing life without an eating disorder. By proclaiming the power she has experienced from a life free of “Ed,” (aka, her eating disorder) Jenni encourages me to work for what I want, so that I may eventually find joy and peace in my life. Jenni is a hero because of the unfailing encouragement she provides.
Jenni Schaefer proves herself to be a true hero by sharing her story and encouraging others to follow in her footsteps. Not only does she spread a positive message; she also lives according to that message. Jenni has dedicated her life to helping people recover and live life to the fullest. She is an inspiration to all! In addition, she has helped countless sufferers and their families to understand the power of an eating disorder. “Jenni was able to transform herself from being a victim of her eating disorder to someone capable of giving hope to the many women that have been inspired by her writings, her story, and the success of her journey. She has not only found her true self along the way, but has managed to show others that there is a way out towards a life of fulfillment and gratitude,”
says Ovidio Bermudez, Medical Director, Laureate Eating Disorders Program. In Life Without Ed, Jenni Schaefer provided a...

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