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Lifelong Learning Essay

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Lifelong Learning
For curiosity, I think my strength was learning more about the losing weight options because of the thyroid condition. I’ve had issues with my thyroid all my life and my weight has fluctuated significantly because of it. I was interested to see what was recommended to lose weight. I was really interested in the probiotics and prebiotics and how it affects bodies and health. When it came to the other methods her friends used I became disinterested. That part is where I need improvement. When it comes to stuff that I know nothing about I then start to lose interest and not care. When other methods to lose weight were being discussed like flushing the colon and fecal transplant I didn’t really want to figure out what that was because it sounded disgusting and unhealthy. That discussion was the part I ...view middle of the document...

I kind of liked doing the research to find out more about the thing that is being researched and if there is more than what it looks like. But if I don’t understand something then I get frustrated easily, especially if I can’t find the information I need.
Even if I know something or at least know a little bit about it I’ll look into it more and do more research outside of class, which is my strength in independence. I need improvement for my independence when it comes to something I have lack of interest in. For instance, I’ll continue doing more research for probiotics because that has struck my interest and is something I enjoy. I might even start getting the probiotics. One thing that doesn’t strike my interest is different methods to lose weight by going to the doctor or having operations for it. I won’t really do any research into that type of stuff unless I need to.
My strength in transfer exists when I actually know what I’m talking about. For example, I’d reference prebiotics and probiotics because I know more about that now because of this lesson. I need improvement in transfer when it comes to something I don’t understand, even if I did research. For example, I’m not very good at experiments. I’m still trying to figure out more about each part so I wouldn’t reference it as often, which is something I dislike. One thing I really enjoyed is the probiotics.
My reflection has more strength than it does where it needs improvement. Since what I learned today is probably a basis for the class, I’ll need to review it more often. The only thing I don’t think I’ll review is the different methods to losing weight besides the probiotics. I’ll need to review how to do an experiment every day because I don’t know exactly what I’m doing still. I liked learning about how different things exist in food and supplements that help you stay healthier that I didn’t know existed before hand.

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